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It is reported that Natalie Falk was arrested with a fake vaccination card at Frankfurt Airport


Jan 31 2022 – 7:08 pm hour

Natalie Faulk (25) He could be in serious trouble now. As confirmed by the Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport RTL, a woman with German citizenship was arrested on January 30 with a false vaccination card. Investigations began. RTL learned from inner circles that this must be the former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate. All information about it is in the video.

Natalie Falk holds a fake vaccination card after returning from love vacation?

The latter was the former GNTM . filter With her new boyfriend Sami Levi (25 years old) on a dream vacation in the Maldives. There the 25-year-old, who was in a relationship with “Hells Angels” rocker player Timur Akbulut (43), shared several snaps of her and her sweetheart Sammy.

In the video: Natalie Faulk is very happy with her new boyfriend

What does that mean for Natalie Falk?

If Natalie Faulk did indeed travel with a fake vaccination card, she could be prosecuted for falsifying documents and/or using incorrect health certificates.

Lawyer Dr. When asked by the RTL, Matthias Brauer explained: “Essentially, if you are convicted, there is a risk of being fined or jailed for up to five years at daily rates and more, with the 90 daily rate corresponding to about three net monthly salaries. But in the past few months, There were also 6-month prison sentences in such cases, and they were suspended on probation.”

RTL asked Natalie for a statement. So far, the 25-year-old has not commented on the incident. (lkr/rsc)