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“It may pose a danger to patients.”

Ako Ankarberg Johansson: “Very dangerous”

Published on 2023-10-19 21.28

Fraud in medical universities in Europe is known to many authorities.

Now the National Welfare Competences Council is interacting, which will take the necessary measures.

– It is clear that if someone has a poorly made ID card, it can be dangerous for patients, says Magnus Holten, Vice Dean of Umeå University.

200S revealed widespread cheating and lack of practice in many medical courses at Eastern European universities.

Several bodies are now reacting to the disclosure, including the National Council for Care Efficiency.

– It is very sad to think that you can work as a doctor if you have cheated in your education. It is not a professional approach. Doctors are there for patients, and must think and act in a safe approach for the patient, says Magnus Holten, Vice-Dean of Umeå University and responsible for collaboration in clinical education.

The National Board for Care Competence should evaluate the level of knowledge in the Swedish medical profession and establish cooperation on this issue at national and regional levels. Even before the 200-second reveal, they spoke informally about the problem of cheating in overseas education.

The National Care Skills Council will now raise the issue.

– There are fantastically good universities in Europe, which are at least as good or better than Swedish education. But there are also deeper valleys. This also applies to students who come with different levels of ambition through the courses.

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Ultimately, the COO of the hospital in question is responsible for staff behaving in a manner that is safe for patients.

-There is a built-in problem if you have to pay for education. There are incentives to keep them in the system, without them performing.

The Medical Association supports members who have studied abroad and have complaints.

Medical Association: Get the warning signs

This 200-second presentation shows that there are cases of cheating at universities in many Eastern European countries, and that universities are doing nothing about it.

This applies, among other things, to the fact that the tests are identical, semester after semester. In addition, access to practice is extremely lacking.

Emily Holtberg, a board member of the Medical Association, recognizes the problem.

-We have received some warning signs from our members studying in these countries. “We support them in how to move forward in resolving these issues,” she says.

The association’s mission will be to clarify how to deal with complaints and opinions.

– But it is also important to help them get support and help from each other. Internal group support is very important when things are difficult.

Ako Ankarberg: “Very dangerous”

The government took action 200 seconds after the reveal. Education Minister Mats Persson will summon his fellow ministers in the countries concerned and begin a discussion with the relevant authorities.

Now Healthcare Minister Ako Ankarberg is also reacting.

“Patient safety is the cornerstone of healthcare. Of course, doctors must have the appropriate skills and knowledge for the tasks they perform,” she wrote in an email to Aftonbladet.

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She is in constant contact with the responsible authorities and care managers. The government is currently working to get to the root of welfare crime occurring in the healthcare system.

In this work, the issue raised in the Aftonbladet review can also be covered.

“Failing to provide safe patient care is therefore very serious.”