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It took 41 billion 23 years to build the luxury hotel

It took 41 billion 23 years to build the luxury hotel

Next month, the Fontainebleau Las Vegas will open, the first new hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in two years.

The luxury hotel will be a Western counterpart to the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, which opened in 1954.

Jeffrey Sofer, chairman of Fontainebleau, bought the land in Las Vegas in 2000, but the journey to the completed hotel took 23 years and cost SEK 41.4 billion.

Construction of the hotel began in 2007, but was temporarily halted the following year due to the recession. About 70 percent of the hotel was then completed.

When they were finally about to resume construction, the epidemic struck.

The final construction phase could only begin two years ago, and on December 13 the doors will be opened to hotel guests.

“A new level of elegance”

There are 36 restaurants, bars and a huge spa in the 67-storey, 3,644-room hotel.

The hotel’s cheapest rooms cost 3,400 SEK per night, but the suites at Fontainebleau Las Vegas offer, according to CNN, “a new level of elegance.”

Suites are priced at 56,000 SEK per day – for the cheapest option.

The 76 suites, collectively known as the Fleur de Lys, occupy the top five floors of the hotel, crowned by a 929-square-meter penthouse apartment.

Brett Mufson, Fontainebleau’s director of development, promises a “six-star experience” for anyone who rents one of the 76 suites.

“We are proud to say that Fleur de Lis is a masterpiece, with meaning behind every detail and design choice, and we cannot wait for our guests to discover what we have created for them,” says Brett Mufson.

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