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It will be easier to reach the community capitals.  Prime Minister about road investment plans

It will be easier to reach the community capitals. Prime Minister about road investment plans

“We chose it from the beginning. We spoke to Minister Adamczyk six years ago about how important it is to build new community roads and local roads so that jobs are created not only in the big centers, but also in the small towns.” – said Matthews Morawiecki.

“We want our roads to be safe and comfortable, so that more and more road infrastructure can be built,” said the head of government.

He added that improving road infrastructure also contributes to creating new job opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The Prime Minister stated: “We promise that we will develop our road program. As we reform the tax system, we will reform the road system that we inherited. They will continue to improve.”

According to the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, in the past three years, 10 billion PLN were allocated for construction, expansion or modernization of 14 thousand zlotys. local government methods.

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Infrastructure Minister Andrei Adamczyk also participated in the conference.

“We keep our promise, we keep our statements and promises that we made years ago,” emphasized Infrastructure Minister Andrej Adamczyk.

He referred to the establishment of the Government Fund for the Development of Local Government Roads, ie – as he said – “a real support initiative for local governments in 2018 in the reconstruction, modernization and construction of municipal and local roads, especially where they are local. Governments could not afford these investments.”

“14 thousand km of local government roads have already been modernized, renovated and built thanks to the support of state funds, and in a huge amount: in the first year it was 6 billion PLN, and in subsequent years it exceeded 3.5 billion PLN each year ”- stressed the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

According to Adamczyk, in the early years of the program’s operation, “we had tremendous feelings from local government officials, because it was not known which methods should be updated.” “The situation today is stabilizing,” he added.

“Today, local governments are planning further modernization and renovations, because the program will continue for years to come. Over the next 10 years, the government will allocate PLN 40 billion for co-financing, and local governments will allocate about PLN 30 billion (PLN) – liberated). 70 billion PLN on the roads of Polish municipalities and counties. We also use this money to support some works on county roads. This changes the Polish reality “- values ​​the Minister.

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During the event, with the participation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure noted that Polish roads must be safe. “We’re doing everything we can to make them that way,” Adamczyk said.

“In seven years we will have safer roads, not only highways and highways, but also municipal and local roads” – he said.

The minister noted that Wednesday’s conference is being held at a place where “travel to Warsaw until recently took two hours, and sometimes up to three hours, depending on the traffic situation.”

“Today it is only an hour, thanks to the modern highway, highway number 2 and expert road number 17. We are also completing the public and local road network” – Adamczyk noted.

The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure stressed that the money transferred to local governments for investment will be allocated, among other things, “to the needs of ordinary Poles, and the needs of those who use our roads on a daily basis.”