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Dawid Jackiewicz is back.  Jaroslaw Kaczynski confirms the reports

Dawid Jackiewicz is back. Jaroslaw Kaczynski confirms the reports

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, President of the Law and Justice Party, was a guest on Polish Radio 24. The Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs was asked, among other things, on the issue of nuclear energy extraction.

As Kaczyński pointed out, In addition to KGHM, Orlen will handle nuclear energy in our country. – It is due to be incorporated at the moment, and I do not know when it will be, but it will probably take several weeks, a new company within Orlen, i.e. a daughter company that will take care of it, said the head of Pis.

It’s about a company Orlin Synthos Green Energy, who will be responsible for the preparation and commercialization of small and small nuclear reactor technology in Poland. – There’s already a management trying. People who have been removed for some time as a result of various misunderstandings will also return to the board – Mysteriously announced Yaroslav Kaczynski.

As he revealed, he would be one of those people David Jakevich – Former Treasury Minister in the government of Beata Szydlo. The politician performed this role from November 2015 to September 2016. – This is one of those people who have worked abroad for some time, but are very active and effective – Kaczyński argued in an interview.

Jackiewicz was kicked out of the government in an atmosphere of scandal. His resignation after only 10 months of rule aroused great doubts. Officially, Prime Minister Szydło at the time argued that the politician had accomplished his mission, but the matter should have had another bottom line. Among the politicians of the ruling camp there was information about the notorious criticism of David Jakevich by Nowogrodzka.

According to reports, the problem lay in his way of managing the state treasury companies under his control, as well as the appointment of friends, with whom Adam Hoffman had to help. After Jackiewicz’s resignation, he lost his job, among others Robert Petriszen – Lotus’ president at the time.

The politician himself did not mention this. After his resignation – in 2020 – he was appointed as an advisor to the Orlen Unipetrol board of directors, which, as people associated with PiS have emphasized, could not take place without Kaczyński’s knowledge and approval.

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