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Italy fans make a touching gesture during the German anthem

While the national anthem of the German national football team was playing, boos and whistles were heard from some spectators at the Renato Dallara Stadium. The backlash was inevitable.BILD: dpa / Federico Gambarini

In fact, booing in sports is not good manners. In fact. In fact, it is the sad truth regularly. And in the Nations League match between Germany and Italy on Saturday, fans stood up against this bad habit.

Applause instead of boos: Fans, players and journalists make a statement

Because during the anthem of the German national football team, some spectators heard boos and whistles at the Renato Dallara stadium in Bologna. These sounds were initially so loud that they could be heard on television broadcasts.

Before the match, many fans set an example.

Before the match, many fans set an example.BILD: dpa / Federico Gambarini

But the majority decided to clap instead of whistling: Italian football players and a number of fans were plunged into turmoil during the playing of the German national anthem. Upon hearing the whistles, the professionals and most of the fans as well as the Italian journalists began to clap and cheer loudly.

Then the Italian anthem was played before the Nations League match without any problems.

Missed his first win in Italy in 36 years

Germany squandered their first win in Italy in 36 years with a 1-1 victory, but at least national coach Hansi Flick remained undefeated in his tenth match of the tournament (eight wins). The two teams will meet again in Mönchengladbach on 14 June for the return leg.

Before that, the German national team will meet England, who finished second in the European Championship on Tuesday in Munich (8.45 pm / ZDF), and four days later it will be in Budapest against the weakest opponent in the Nations League Hungary.

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