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Zbigniew Boniek will be tried. “There is no license for total inventions”

Boniek has sued “Gazeta Polska Codziennie” publisher, Forum company and journalist with that title, Piotr Nisztor, over a series of articles suggesting, inter alia, conflicts of interest related to his job. The president of the Polish Football Association demands an apology and 150,000 PLN for a social purpose in the event of a lawsuit involving a journalist, and 50,000 PLN in the event of a lawsuit involving a company. The civil action for the protection of personal rights began last year before the Warsaw District Court.

During Monday’s hearing, Boniek asserted that information about his alleged links to the security service, as well as a lack of transparency and nepotism in the Polish Football Association, was incorrect. As he said, everything PZPN does, it does on a “completely transparent” basis. When asked if he knew that the Szczecin Prosecutor’s Office and the CBA were investigating the union’s finances, Bunyek replied: “We had a visit from the CBA 7-8 months ago and I don’t think any of it will come out of it.” He confirmed that the information that was given Transferring it to them showed that it was “not at all about finances or the Polish Football Association, but a completely different subject”.

On the legal action against Nestor, the president of the Polish Football Association said he took it “with regret”. “I had to do it, it was the only step,” he said. “I am a man known throughout Europe, a man who holds various positions, and has never been associated with any opposition party or any political party at all, on the contrary, I have always been a free man, and I have always had an opinion,” he said. He noted, in his opinion, that Nestor “touches” his family and “people who usually work hard in life.”

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“I am always ready for great criticism, people can write about me differently, but there is no permission for perfect inventions, suggestion, allusion, and there is no permission” – he said. He stressed that the claim of an unfavorable fiscal policy is a dangerous claim of the president of the Polish Football Association.

He emphasized that the articles put himself and the relationship he managed in an uncomfortable position. “I had some hatred for this, because if I meet any man who asks: + Listen what is happening, what is this Nisztor writing about? +, that means I must explain myself to something that is not true” – translated .

One of the topics described by “GPC” and “GP” was the case dealing with, among other things, unfolding advertising racks and bands of Mikrotel, which currently belongs to the brother of the president of the Polish Football Association. Bönyk emphasized that the company – “clean, transparent and without financial commitments” – moved to his brother in 2001.

“This company did not bother anyone and did its normal and honest business (…) When someone says that he does not know anything about it, it reflects badly on him as a manager, and he does not know who he is working with” – he said. He also rhetorically asked if he should tell his brother that after many years – after he took over the presidency of the Polish Football Association – the federation would end its cooperation with Mikrotel only for fear of being accused of any connections.

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The Polish Football Association chief also denied that when he met Lagardere Sports Poland (formerly SportFive) president Andrzej Placzyński, he knew he had worked with SB in the past. As he said, he met Blazinski in 1999 during one of the Ekstraklasa matches, and their relationship was of a commercial nature.

“I knew that Andrzej Placzyński was a representative of SportFive. (…) I am not interested in Placzyński’s private life for a simple reason: if a man can’t do this job, he won’t do it “No, and the company uses his knowledge as president, this is the company’s business, not mine. . I’m talking to the company, and not a private person,” – said Bonyak.

A series of disputed articles on topics related to the president of the Polish Football Association have been published in “Gazeta Polska” and “Gazeta Polska Codziennie”. And one of them was dedicated to the president of Lagardere Sports Poland (formerly SportFive) Andrzej Placzyński – the newspaper emphasized, inter alia, that his company “earns millions by cooperating with the federation and football league clubs for years”. It was also reported that Placzyński was a former SB captain who “investigated John Paul II during his visit to Austria in June 1988”.

Another text concerns Mikrotel, which is now owned by the brother of the president of the Polish Football Association. According to the newspaper, for about two years Boniek had to combine the management of this company with the management of the federation, and being vice-president of the Polish Football Association – he oversaw the implementation of the contract with SportFive / Lagardere Sports Poland. “At the same time, in 2000, Mikrotel, who was its president and owner at that time, was to start a collaboration with … SportFive” – he wrote.

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The hearing of the parties, during which journalist Piotr Nestor will also speak, will continue on June 30. Then the final speeches are also planned.