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Jan Tomaszewski demands a change of coach. Selects two candidates for the Polish national team

Friday, Friday, the qualifiers for participation in the World Championships to be held in Qatar next year were held. The Polish national team will play Russia in the first match, and if it wins in front of its fans, it will play with the winner of Sweden and the Czech Republic.

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Tomaszewski prompts to change the selector

According to Jan Tomaszewski, Polish footballers can win both games and be promoted to the world championship. But the former goalkeeper of the Polish national team claims that a change of coach is necessary for this. – Perfect graphic! It could not be better. I implore CEO Cesare Colizza to consider Paulo Sousa. He commented, “With him, we have a 2 or 3 percent chance of being promoted.

Tomaszewski also suggested who could replace the Portuguese. Without him, regardless of whether he is with the Polish coach or not, I am convinced that we can advance to the World Cup. For example with Michał Prukaj or Piotr Stokowiec on a bench. Then we can afford to win with the Czech Republic and Sweden, earlier with Russia – he added.

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Tomaszewski demands to play with one striker

Discussing his words, Jan Tomaszewski referred to the recent matches of the decisions of the Polish Whites, the Reds and Sousa. In his opinion, the Polish national team should play with one striker.

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If Souza stays, he should decide to play the best footballer in the world. The only “nine” is Robert Lewandowski. Adding a partner who has a loss to the player, whether in defense or in midfield. We are the only team in the world that plays the “Nine”. We have a great group of guys, but you shouldn’t philosophize and make scandalous decisions like the one with Hungary – he evaluated that.