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Jan Bednarek and Julia Nowak are married. The bride chose a dress like from a fairy tale

Jan Bednarek and Julia Nowak are married. The footballer of the national team and the WAG team said to each other “yes” in a scene from a fairy tale

The private life of the players and their partners aroused great interest. Thanks to social media, fans have an easier job and can watch what’s happening with the people they care about. They can get additional information if they additionally follow their friends’ hairdressers or make-up artists. At least, that was the case with the wedding of Jan Bednarek, a player for the Polish national team, and Julia Novak. The couple remained silent until the big day. Only at the last moment did everyone find out that the two had decided to say “yes” to each other. about Married Jan Bednarek and Julia Nowak And Magdalena Pichonka told it in the first place.

The first suspicions of fans and admirers may be caused by the mysterious recordings that Julia Novak posted on her Instagram Stories. They showed WAG preparations for some special events. She was helped by Magdalena Berezonka, a star-recognized make-up artist, and Kajitan Jura, a famous hairdresser. On this basis, speculation began that Julia Novak might have just been preparing for the wedding with Jan Bednarek. It is now known that there was additional evidence hidden in the videos. In the background was the song “Ten Stan” from Sana’s repertoire, in which the singer sings about the wedding. The final confirmation didn’t take long. The report on the event was published on Magdalena Berezonka’s Instagram Stories shortly after.

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The video material posted on social media reveals a lot of details. Pictured is Jan Bednarek, who did not attend the ceremony alone. The player carried their daughter, who was only a year old, and was dressed in a white head-to-toe outfit for the occasion. Only when the footballer was standing at the altar did the bride begin to turn towards him, perhaps accompanied by her mother. Julia Novak chose for this occasion princess dressWritten by a Polish designer. Patricia Kugawa. In the profile of the author of the project on Instagram, we found out that this is one of two creations designed for the occasion. We haven’t had a chance to see another one yet, but social media will definitely help us.