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‘It’s growing again’: For Sonia Krause, hair loss is not a tragedy

‘It’s growing again’: For Sonia Krause, hair loss is not a tragedy

‘It’s growing again’
For Sonia Krause, hair loss is not a tragedy

Ever since TV presenter Sonya Krause revealed her cancer, everyone has wanted to know who the 48-year-old is: What about her hair? In a video, she shows how her hair became thinning as a result of chemotherapy – and how she knows how to help herself.

When moderator Sonia Krause recently announced her breast cancer to the public via an Instagram video, she actually announced that she didn’t want to let him ruin her happy nature. In a new video, which the 48-year-old again posted on the social network, she once again impressively demonstrated it. In the approximately two-and-a-half minute clip, Krause talks about the consequences of her chemotherapy and shows that her hair is currently back to a wig. Time and time again strangers on the street or friends asked her how good her hair was despite chemotherapy.

Now she reveals: “My hair is down 20 percent and looks pretty sad.” She confirmed that she “does not care at all” and pulls the wig. “It’s really showing up here…but what is it? Don’t let this discourage you – it’s growing again!” For other people who are undergoing chemotherapy or have thinning or loose hair in general, Kraus has an encouraging message: “Wigs are an opportunity, it’s a good thing and I want to encourage you if you want to make a change.” […] It’s really fun and I’ve embraced that.”

Additionally, styling now only takes 20 seconds instead of an entire hour. At the beginning of the year, Krause announced that she had both breasts removed in September 2021 due to a very aggressive tumor. She announced her story publicly to encourage other patients and to educate people about the urgent need for cancer screening.

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