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It's pit time.  The deadline for settlements with the tax office passes on Monday

It’s pit time. The deadline for settlements with the tax office passes on Monday

Until May 2, we have time to settle your personal income tax (PIT) for 2021. The Ministry of Finance encourages you to use your e-PIT service, which allows you to quickly settle your taxes without leaving your home.

According to the regulations, the date of legal settlement with the tax office was April 30. However, it was a Saturday, so the deadline for filing tax returns was extended to May 2.

Until next Monday, it must be settled: PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-37, PIT-38, PIT-39.

Tax returns must be submitted by May 2 by taxpayers who adjust their income from contract work, pensions and pensions, as well as entrepreneurs who pay taxes on general terms or at a fixed rate. You can do this by completing your tax return on paper and submitting your tax return by mail or by submitting it to the tax office, or you can submit the return online using interactive forms.

You can also file a tax return using the Twój e-PIT service, under which the taxpayer can access a previously completed tax return after logging in. “The taxpayer may correct the tax return by completing it, for example, with tax deductions, and completing the return and accepting it without corrections. Then the Ministry of Finance system will automatically consider the completed return as part of the final electronic income tax at the expiration of the deadline for submitting tax adjustments” – informing the Ministry of Finance Finance.

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Certification must also be submitted by May 2 by persons who have received revenue from the sale of securities, shares in companies or shares in a cooperative and other derivative financial instruments.

“In addition, taxpayers who receive income from leases, leases or other contracts of a similar nature, as well as from the sale of processed plant and animal products, also settle accounts during this period. They can also use a pre-filled tax return for e-service Your PIT, except that this type of tax form is not automatically accepted ”- assures the Ministry of Finance.