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Jean Cadio’s giant mouth bosom invites you to smile on the steps of Cannes

The French supermodel climbed the stairs alongside her companion, Jake Gyllenhaal, in a long gown.

It’s an eye-catching garment, one that makes you smile, and you want to keep a close eye on it. A pink dress like candy plays with lips through humor and surrealism, shaped like a giant bodice in molded felt, that’s part of the female anatomy. Signed by Loewe, it is worn by Jane Cadio, model and partner of American actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The couple made an adorable appearance on the red carpet in Cannes on Tuesday 24 May to mark the climb up the stairs for the film. Lannocent by Louis Garrel. At the same time, the event celebrated the 75th anniversary of the festival with an audience of stars.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend, model Jane Cadio, on the red carpet for the 75th Festival. (Cannes, May 24, 2022.) Getty Images

Humor is related to the body

At the feet of Jeanne Cadio, spirit and imagination continue. The French model packs her outfit with a pair of oversized pumps. It reminds us that, without being devoid of gravity, community events are not always synonymous with seriousness.

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