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Jean Francois and Melanie (Love in the Meadow) separated?  Ex-filter confirms…

Jean Francois and Melanie (Love in the Meadow) separated? Ex-filter confirms…

The star couple from the 16th season of Love is in the meadowJean-Francois and Melanie are now separated. She is a former nominee of the same issue confirmed the information on her Instagram account, this Tuesday, June 7.

This is news that may disappoint fans Love is in the meadow. Jean Francois and Melanie, One of the favorite couples of season 16 From the M6 ​​show, perfect love no longer spins today. After a real attraction during speed dating, the couple fell in love for the duration of their adventure before going side by side on the ultimate budget, opposite Karen Lemarchand. So the audience had a lot of hope for the lovebirds’ emotional future. However, in recent months, Jean-Francois and Melanie are no longer shown together On social networks, it is enough to put the chip in the ear. This Tuesday 7th of June break them up was finally confirmed On an equal footing former competitor.

this person, he is Karen, Sebastian’s partnerwhich is also a candidate for the 16th edition of Love is in the meadow. On the weekend of June 4, the young woman was In Jean Francois, accompanied by Sebastian and other farmers, on the occasion of his transition (the periodic migration of livestock between winter pastures and summer pastures). subordinate Emotional reunion Which Karine wanted to share with her subscribers. On Instagram, she notably posted a video of her and several farmers. An opportunity for netizens to express their concerns about their love life Ariège . sheep breeder. “Where’s Melanie?” asked one of them. “She is no longer with Jean-Francois”Karen then replied, without elaborating.

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Unsurprising separation of fans of “Love in the Meadow”

This ad is for The end shape of the couple Jean-Francois and Melanie Actually it isn’t Nobody’s surprise. Last February, many former candidates Love is in the meadow Met at the agricultural fair. If many came accompanied by their other half, as we can see in a photo posted by Stefan Plaza’s partner on Instagram, Ariègeois appeared without Melanie by his side. A strange absence foreshadowed a possible separation. The information was finally confirmed by Karine on Tuesday, June 7. Meanwhile, the main concerned person did not take the floor to formalize their separation.

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Image credits: Capture M6