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Jeff Bezos' company wants to build a private space station.  Coral reefs will be on par with the International Space Station

Jeff Bezos’ company wants to build a private space station. Coral reefs will be on par with the International Space Station

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space tourism company has announced plans to launch a commercial space station. Orbital Reef – as the new terminal will be called – will be a tourism center and research platform.

Thinking about Blue Origin’s plans to conquer space, we imagined a huge complex that could accommodate dozens of space tourists. Meanwhile, the Orbital Reef project assumes the construction of a 10-person space station. As a reminder, let’s add that six astronauts can stay on the International Space Station (ISS) at the same time.

In press materials published by Blue Origin, we read that the station will serve as a multifunctional business park. The statement said it aims not only to be a space hotel that provides customers with an “ideal location for filming in microgravity,” but also a “leading research location.”

Tropical reefs are expected to be built by 2030

In a special press conference Blue Origin representatives have announced that they will collaborate with Sierra Space and Boeing on building the station. Sierra Space is a startup specializing in space technology, specifically the design and production of rocket engines. The company is also responsible for the Dream Chaser spacecraft project, which aims to transport cargo to the International Space Station from 2022.

Boeing, needing no introduction, at Orbital Reef should be responsible for designing the station’s research module. It is not known whether the companies will be able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Sierra Space has suffered a significant development delay in the Dream Chaser, and the Boeing Starliner, which was scheduled to compete with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, still failed to pass test flights.

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Although the design of the station does not yet exist except as a concept, Blue Origin says tropical reefs will be built by the end of 2030. The BBC notes that the date is not accidental and Bezos may want to launch a successor to the International Space Station. And the US Congress recently decided to extend funding for the station, which is now 20 years old, but only until 2030. After this date, another vote will be necessary.

Interestingly, The Russian space agency said its astronauts may leave the station by 2025, fearing that old equipment will eventually failThis endangers the safety of the crew. NASA also acknowledges that the facility is “in dire need of repairs.”

Blue Origin Get Funding From NASA?

Because of the problems of the International Space Station, already at the beginning of this year NASA has announced that it is able to allocate $400 million for contracts with private space companiesThis will help the agency replace the aging plant. Blue Origin is hoping to pick up some from this collection.

True, at the conference devoted to plans to create Orbital Reef, no estimated costs for the construction and operation of the station were specified, but Bezosa representatives admitted this. Signing an agreement with NASA as the principal tenant. The construction of the station will be jointly funded by Blue Origin and Sierra Space. Earlier this year, Bezos admitted that he intends to spend $1 billion annually on Blue Origin projects.

The competition for funding from NASA may be fierce. Earlier this week, Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin announced joint plans to launch their own space station by 2027. SpaceX will likely also join the race.

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