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Jeff Bezos supported Joe Biden’s proposal to raise corporate taxes in the United States

Jeff Bezos supported Joe Biden’s proposal to raise corporate taxes in the United States

Jeff Bezos (EFE)

Jeff Bezos The richest man in the world And the CEO of Amazon, he supported US President Joe Biden’s proposal to raise corporate income taxes to fund the infrastructure plan.

A few days after the US president complained that Amazon was not paying taxes on profits, Bezos said, “We are in favor of increasing taxes on corporate (income).”

The statement from Amazon began with clear endorsement of the $ 2 billion infrastructure plan that includes transportation and road improvements and repairs to about 10,000 bridges in the United States.

We understand that this investment will require concessions on all sides“Whether in the details of what was included or in the way it was paid,” Bezos said. “We support increasing the corporate tax rate“he added.

"We support increasing the corporate tax rate"The head of Amazon (EFE) said in the note.
“We support a higher corporate tax rate,” the head of Amazon (EFE) said in the note.

Bezos also noted the political climate, in which the opposition Republicans have yet to provide signals in support of the proposal: “We hope that Congress and the administration will come together to find the right and balanced solution that maintains or improves the competitiveness of countries.” . He also said, “It is the right time to work together to make this happen.”

Amazon has been a target of cash for years because it pays little or no corporate taxes at all. The company has defended its policies, stating that its investments compensate taxes as stipulated in the tax code.

Biden proposes a $ 2 trillion infrastructure program that will be funded in part by raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% and cracking down on the use of tax havens.

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Last month, the president cited a 2019 study showing this 91 Fortune 500 companies, “The World’s Biggest, Including Amazon … Don’t Pay A Penny in Federal Income Tax,” He added: “This is not true.”

Bezos’ approval of the White House proposal comes after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen insisted on a chance pass Global minimum corporate tax, to avoid a “race” to the current bottom.

In this sense, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been in favor of the possibility of establishing a global tax floor for corporate profits, while the European Commission is confident that Yellen’s comments will facilitate an agreement this summer. On this issue within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

(With information from AFP and Europa Press)

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