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Thursday: Lucca, cheap electric cars, and $ 1,500 electrolysis capacitor panic and China storm

Thursday: Lucca, cheap electric cars, and $ 1,500 electrolysis capacitor panic and China storm

While critics have described Luca as amateurish and pointless, the used-car market for battery-powered electric cars should be criticized for being overly expensive. On the other hand, some hi-fi components are simply expensive on Ebay when a single high-voltage electrolytic capacitor is being sold there for over $ 1500.

However, the Dacia Spring Electric is cheap and practical, as the city SUV driving report shows. Thanks to the bonus of German innovation, the price of this electric vehicle can be almost halved. It remains to be seen whether these are the consequences of Chinese supply chains, but China’s behavior itself indicates geopolitical changes. The most important day in brief.

The Corona-Tracing-App LucaWhich rapper Smudo advertises in German TV shows, still has a positive image, although the companies behind him bring beginners mistakes and suspicious concepts. Politicians and states are working to expand the law in order to quickly enjoy the application, and more than ten have already been collected. Millions. But does everything go with the right things? Critics describe Luca as amateurish and useless.

A look at it also seems useless The used electric car market, Because the prices here are often very high. In light of technical advances – especially in battery capacity and charging speed – and falling prices for subsidized new cars, there should really be a lot of deals to be found. However, this is not the case or is rarely the case in the distorted market of used battery electric cars.

E-Golf is an example of the limited appeal of used battery-powered cars.
(Photo: All Christoph M. Schwarzer)

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according to Terms on eBay However, it appears that electric used car prices are still within limits. If a simple high-voltage electrolytic capacitor is swapped for the equivalent of a used (gasoline) car accepted at an auction on the shopping platform, then something is wrong in this world. Online comment: $ 1,500 Elko, or from generous hi-fi friends.

It appears that it can also be cheaper Dacia Spring Electric. The price of this electric city SUV from cheap Renault brand Dacia can be cut nearly in half with the reward for German innovation. At a compact distance of 3.73 meters, but thanks to roof rails, plastic panels and great ground clearance with reliable SUV charm, the Dacia spring should cater to the zeitgeist well. In its Driving Report, the Dacia Spring Electric is described as both cheap and practical.

Although this electric vehicle does not come from China, the Middle Kingdom continues to demonstrate self-confidence despite Western sanctions. This is also evident in diplomatic dealings and one sign China’s new way of dealing with Western sanctions policy. Beijing’s counter-reaction is based on Hosea 8, verse 7: “For they sow the wind and reap the storm.” As Europe creates winds, it is blowing in from China.

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