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Jill Lelouch hesitated a lot before becoming an Obelix: “My daughter told me I had to go”

gel for lotion Keep shooting and reach our darkroom on August 18th with North BuckIt is an achievement by Cédric Jiménez, inspired by a real case of policemen from the Marseille Anti-Crime Squad who have been prosecuted since 2012 for extorting traffickers. Gilles Lelouch is one of them, along with François Seville and Karim Lelouch. The movie was shot two years ago and its release has been repeatedly postponed due to the health crisis.

Marking his (finally!) arrival at the cinema, Gilles Lelouch secures promotion and captures him on Sunday, August 15th at Sunday newspaper. It’s clearly a matter North Buck But also another hugely promoted role: that of Obelix.

Gilles Lellouche was introduced by one of his best friends who took control of the adventures of Asterix: Guillaume Canet, who got into the skin of the legendary little gaul with a famous moustache. If Asterix had known many artists (Christian Claver, Clovis Cornelac …), then Gerard Depardieu never abandoned Obelix. except Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire. Then he needed a replacement and Guillaume Caneté found it in the person of Gilles Lelouch. The 49-year-old actor had to take the time to think about it before saying yes, somewhat spurred on by his daughter Ava, who will turn 12 at the beginning of September and which he had with ex-partner Melanie Dottie.

Yes, I hesitated a lot. It’s very difficult to get behind Gerard Depardieu. There were many Asterixes but only one Obelix. And Depardieu, it’s Obélix even before he wears a costumeJill Lelouch trusts JDD. Even the actor admits that “the fearTo attack this character.That everyone knows and it is not easy to play between his constant frankness and his anger“.But Ava did not doubt for a second about her famous father and his abilities.”It was my daughter who told me I should go‘ says Gilles Lelouch, who is now in a relationship with a very beautiful designer named Alizée Guinochet.

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20 kilos to take!

Once he accepted this Obelix role, Gilles Lellouche knew the challenge would also be to radically change his silhouette! To do this, the actor embarked on a program that combined food and sports. “I worked out a lot, not just physically even if that’s the most you see: I gained 20 kilos, I eat four times a day and do weightlifting exercises.‘, he reveals. But it is another task, perhaps even more delicate which awaits him now, to lose those kilograms again:Now I have my work cut out for me to lose weight!

The full interview with Gilles Lellouche can be found in the August 15, 2021 issue of Sunday newspaper.