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Jonah Koronievska runs without a bra.  She will be disgusted by the size of her breasts.  She replied

Jonah Koronievska runs without a bra. She will be disgusted by the size of her breasts. She replied

A casual photo of Jonah Koronievska jogging with him, caused a real storm. The actress’ bust was the subject of a lively debate. The former star “M Jack Mio” did not pass by indifferent hateful comments.

Jonah Koronievska and McGee Dauper are a couple admired by Internet users. Spouses raising two daughters together, They are actively involved in the network. They have their own YouTube channel and they both have their own Instagram profile. Through them, the Dowers sometimes discuss each other in public. Make fun of yourself often. It has been discovered many times by fans They have no sense of humor and no self-distance.

Jonah Koronievska hated breast size

Maggie Dauper recently returned He decides to post a post dedicated to his wife on Instagram. The TV presenter showed internet users that he was cycling and that his girlfriend was running near him. Below, he writes with a wink:

Fear the world racers! Jonah Koronievska prepares forms for the Olympics in Tokyo! We still do not know what match. Help me, because ambitions are only needed now

My former star “M Jack Mio” certainly did not expect the photo he posted to cause such a stir. Meanwhile, she broke up under the photo A stormy discussion about Jonah Koronievska’s bust. Unfortunately, the actress does not avoid unrefined comments. Fortunately, there are many who stand in support of the 43-year-old. She decided to talk too.

Jonah Koronievska took the floor during the storm debate

Jonah Koronievska did not want to be indifferent to the scandal that erupted in her husband’s profile. Using his Instagram account, he posted a detailed post He mentioned all the confusion. The actress admitted that she – apparently – did not expect normal photography to cause such a storm.

Two days ago my m uploaded a photo of me running. I have not noticed this post till today. I saw a line there. Thanks to everyone who supported me! I read that there was a real fight – He wrote in the introduction.

Koronievska clarifies things. He reiterates that There are no complexes about her breasts. More important than his size is that he is healthy, he added.

To everyone who truly cares about the size of my breasts: Dear! I like its size. I am not going to change anything. Everyone has the right to see what they want. This is self-acceptance for me. On my own, I turn the generally accepted disadvantages into advantages! I love them so much! (…) Mostly because I’m lucky [mj biust] Healthy! – She wrote.

In the end Asked the authors of the blind comments:

I throw as hard as I can at all the chauvinists and the same deceptive people! I have little sympathy for life and problems!