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Jul sells his old Audi RS3 at auction

The J is the S, and I output the RSYou definitely know that this stage of Jul launched into the base Bande Organisée, the biggest French rap in recent months. J, a huge fan of cars, decided to abandon his famous Audi RS.

Big fan of Audi and its RS model

We don’t know the exact reason for the resale (maybe for good reason), but the Marseille rapper is auctioning his Audi RS3 Sportback and it’s a model with somewhat insane power: 500 hp. The car is sold on the Benzin website and auction ends in 10 days (December 10). At the moment, the best offer is up to 39100 EUR, but we’re sure a big J fan will break the auction and blow it up, He can ride with his favorite rapper’s body while listening to his upcoming album Independence, which is set to be released on December 10.

July – Pictures of the Audi RS

Small demo video:

Jul absolutely adore Audi and its RS model because he didn’t just cite it organized bandAnd But in many other titles such as: Pic and Pic, Alcohol & Drama, Guytoune, La Bandite, If G-Shock, So The Zone

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