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Julia Kamińska about her relationship with Piotr Jasek.  They are still working together

Julia Kamińska about her relationship with Piotr Jasek. They are still working together

Knowledge Julia Kaminska I Piotr Jask When they started working on the show in 2009 “Ugly“The actress later had an affair with Russian lion Mursenko, but their relationship did not last long. Her relationship with Pyotr Jazek began to change into something more, and this caused controversy due to the big, 20-year difference. Initially, the media reported that the couple broke up in December 2021.” He left and returned to his nest. Everything indicates that they are struggling with a serious crisis and have decided to retire“- said a friend of the couple in the weekly” Na Żywo “. “TVN appeared with Julia Kamińska Piotr Jask. In the context of fame, she commented on her relationship with her current partner.

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Julia Kamińska about her relationship with Piotr Jasek

So far, neither Julia Kaminska nor Pyotr Jacek has commented on the reports of secession. Neither of them said what happened. However, it is certain that they are still professionally bound, for example working on the actress’ album and a music video to promote her.

– Julia Kaminska “Note!” TVN

“You don’t have to pay me, this job makes me happy,” Piotr Jacek replied sitting next to her.

Later, the actress added:

“Nano or Piotro do not want to talk about the details of our lives, it’s a very intimate thing. We are better off this way” – Julia Kaminska briefly.

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It is noteworthy that couples have always protected their privacy. The actress has only opened up about her relationship in a few interviews. He said they were not married. “I am in a happy relationship, but we are not planning an engagement or wedding. I enjoyed a wedding a few times at work because I stood on the carpet as a character, which was totally enough for me. I feel good “- she insisted some time ago.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Julia Kaminska and Pyotr Jasek

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