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Jupiter and Venus will "collide" in the sky.  Amazing coupling this weekend - Wprost

Jupiter and Venus will “collide” in the sky. Amazing coupling this weekend – Wprost

Venus and Jupiter, two of the brightest planets in the solar system, are separated by about 690 million km. However, as NASA explained, on the morning of Sunday, May 1, the two planets will be so close to each other in the night sky that at lower latitudes it will be clear how they merge into a “luminous” mass.. – the planets will differ in brightness . Venus is much brighter than Jupiter, so it will look amazingly bright. Professor Jupiter explained that Jupiter would be slightly fainter, about one-sixth the brightness of Venus. Lucy Green, Principal Stellar Observer at the Popular Astronomy Society. Phenomena should be looked for around 4:30 above the eastern horizon.


Venus and Jupiter conjunction. Will it be visible from Poland?

Unfortunately, in Poland it will be difficult to notice the “collision” of Venus and Jupiter. – Here, at our latitude, this conjunction is not so striking due to the fact that the angle of the ecliptic, that is, the way the planets move in the sky, is lower compared to the horizon in spring – he explained in an interview with Serwise TVnmeteo. Glosbe Usosweb Research at Karol Wójcicki, author of the blog With His Head in the Stars. – That is why it will not look good with us, because it will be low above the horizon. Venus and Jupiter are relatively bright, but they are still 3-4 degrees above the horizon. Trees, hills, bright sky … This phenomenon is unlikely to be successful – said the promoter of astronomy.

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Another such opportunity in 2039.

This conjunction occurs every year, but at the end of this week it will be visible from Earth more than usual. The next opportunity won’t be repeated until 2039.

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