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Justice Minister Gunnar Stromer (C) holds a press conference after the Farsta mass shooting

Justice Minister Gunnar Stromer (C) holds a press conference after the Farsta mass shooting

Over the weekend, seven people were shot in the Stockholm area. Many are being treated for serious injuries, and a 15-year-old boy died of injuries sustained in a shooting in Farsta.

– This is a grim confirmation of the very serious social development that has been going on for a long time, says Justice Minister Gunnar Stromer (M) at a press conference in Varsta.

– Last year we had 62 fatal shootings in Sweden, which is a very dark figure. I usually compare to Norway, which has four, Denmark, which has four, and Finland, which has two. He adds that Sweden is in a very dangerous situation.

Gunnar Stromer says it may “take some time” before the situation improves.

– I think it will take some time to reverse the trend. I am convinced that it will succeed, and I base this on the fact that other countries have succeeded before us. He says that it is very important that we start doing things that we have not done before.

Ulf Kristersson (M) comments on the violent weekend via his Facebook page, describing the events as “another dark weekend”. “The situation is very dangerous,” he says.

“It is yet another confirmation of the breadth of this problem. And a reminder of the great danger that innocent people will be injured or killed by gangs. We must not falter and resign. We must do more, with determination and decisiveness,” Christerson writes.

Early on Saturday evening, two boys aged 15 and two adults aged 45 and 65 were injured by automatic weapons in Varsta in southern Stockholm. On Friday evening, two men in their 20s were infected in Solna, as well as a man in Jordbro.

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