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Karim Benzema in blue “It’s a source of pride, I’ve been waiting for this for a while”

Karim Benzema was called up in the France team, and he told Onzi Mondiale that he was more than happy. ” It’s more than being happy. It’s a source of pride, I’ve been waiting for this for a while. It always worked, never gave up, and never let go. Ultimately, it’s a bonus. Here, I’m so happy, I’m in a hurry to be there, to train, to start matches. It’s a team with such talents, like these players, and I also want to play on this team.», The Real Madrid striker, who won the Golden Eleven 2021 title, responded in a Interview Friday. Thus, the magazine rewards the best player of the season with the vote of the crowd.

About the upcoming duo with Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema was super excited: “It could be that easy. It is true that he is a young player, but he is very talented. I love his movements and how he plays football. Now it’s up to us to communicate well on the field, but anyway, I have no doubt about that But be careful not to forget the others, as he remembers: After that, we should not focus on the duo Mbappe Benzema. There are many talented players in this team: Griezmann, Giraud, Pogba, Dembele, Coman, Ben Yedder … danger can come from anywhere, and it’s much better for France. »

Karim Benzema, who was called up after five and a half years of absence, will wear the number 19. The number 9 jersey that the Real Madrid striker wears at the club remains the property of Olivier Giroud, the second-best goal-scorer in history from the Blues, who was also called out of 26 players They were selected for the championship.

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No. 9 in Lyon already

KB9 had already wore the 19 when it debuted in Lyon, between 2005 and 2007. Is it enough to keep it warm? He said that anyway. ” Every time I enter a stadium, it is to please the fans, to make them have fun, in front of the TV or while they wait for them to return to the stadiums. », Pina. Karim Benzema returned to his excellent performances for a few months at Real. ” For three years, I ascend, ascend and not stop, I continue. I don’t say to myself that I am the best player in the world, but in every game I play better ».