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Kendall Jenner and Saúl ‘Canelo’ lvarez dined together in Los Angeles, why?

To avoid suspicion it was all on its own Canillo Alvarez Who gave details of this interesting meeting he had with a sister Kim kardashian, last Wednesday, although he initially hesitated to give the reason for his dinner, but the insistence of reporters and photographers “launched a pledge.”

During this moment, he was caught Hollywood FiQ, you can see that the photographer is asking say: “You were having dinner with Kendallcorrect? While signing some boxing gloves, Alvarez He pretended not to understand. He replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Upon leaving the restaurant, Canillo commented that it was a business meeting.

But before that, how insistent they were, Canillo He shared with a grin: “Yeah (we had dinner), I was there with The Tequila Project and let’s see what we do.” Thus it was known that he was joking at first, which is very common for him during his meetings with the press all over the world.

Thus, this meeting has served as a working date since then Kendall She was captured immediately upon arrival at the scene, giving smiles and autographs, but did not want to answer any of the questions asked. When he entered the site he was carrying a bottle Tequila 818 He’s no longer on his way out, sure Alvarez You will enjoy the distillate.

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