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Kherson residents reject Russian currency |  GP

Kherson residents reject Russian currency | GP

Russia intends to exercise “strong political and economic influence” in Kherson, according to the latest assessment from the British Ministry of Defense. Russian forces took control of the city in southern Ukraine in early March and will help Russia increase its control over the annexed Crimea, according to the assessment.

In an effort to consolidate control of the region, Russia wants to try to introduce a transition to the ruble. Ukraine’s Kherson mayor Ihor Kolychaev says it will be difficult.

“If they try to introduce the ruble here, we will go back to 1992, before Ukraine gained its independence,” he said. BBC.

exchange currency

Despite their 60-day occupation, many Kherson residents are trying to find small ways to show resistance – such as exchanging the ruble for the Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia.

– At the moment, there are still exchange offices in the city. If I get paid in rubles, I think I will go and exchange it for hryvnia, and I think others will do the same. It’s just a small protest, Olha, who does not want to reveal her last name, tells the BBC.

Ukrainian media reported that pensions have already begun to pay in rubles in Kherson, but many choose to take the role of the first and exchange money for the hryvnia.

On Monday, Mayor Cherson announced that Russian forces had captured the town hall, changed the flag and picked a handpicked replacement to replace him in the mayor’s office.

According to Russian data, Russian television channels began broadcasting from Kherson last week. Ukraine warns that Russia will try to create another breakaway republic under Russian protection in the Kherson region, through an interim referendum. Ballot papers have already been printed, it was reported this week.

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Equipment destroyed

In his Nightly Update, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine had destroyed more than a thousand Russian tanks, nearly 200 Russian aircraft and nearly 2,500 armored vehicles.

But despite these losses, Russia still has equipment for continuous attacks, according to Zelensky.

– Of course, the occupiers still had equipment in stock. Yes, they still have bots to use against our territory.

Details of the Russian losses were not confirmed.