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"Kitchen revolutions" with tears in Magda Kessler and Sosnovik.  The obvious is the non-final

“Kitchen revolutions” with tears in Magda Kessler and Sosnovik. The obvious is the non-final

The lecturer said that “Okrąglak” has not only a restaurant, but also a wedding hall and a small hotel.. Owner of the premises Miroslav, It has been operating this facility since about 2006, when it became the clinic of the “Sosnovik” mine. The 59-year-old told the audience he had to borrow money for financial reasons and that he still had to pay it today. To cut costs, he hired three waiters and a cookBesides, he sometimes offers jobs to extra people while hosting parties on his campus. Employees complained that the owner of “Okrąglak” was very stingy and that he controlled the maids. When preparing snacks for parties and … challenges them to “fools”.. To help save the business, Magda Kessler was invited to Sosnovik.

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“Kitchen Revolutions” in Sosnovik. Magda Kessler did not hide his frustration with the owner’s behavior

The restaurant was critical of what was seen in the restaurant right from the entrance. She did not like the menu card and the fact that it was out of date. She was disappointed with the “puff” quality in the form of pickled cucumbers, She waited a long time for simple meals and the bar staff did nothing but stare at her. She said:

Magda Kessler invited them in for a short interview and suggested that they relax, “don’t stand there like two bananas.”. She was surprised by the maid’s slow movements, asking if she had ever taken the utensils. Asked for a firm answer, she praised the broth and said:

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She also liked mushroom soup She did not like the way the food was served. Evaluating the pork neck with Silesian cheese, she said:

She learned it too The slow maid does not work daily at “Okrąglak” and is only hired for weddings, so her disgust. She finished tasting the minced cutlet she wanted, then went to the owner, who was hiding behind the bar, and she scolded him for his behavior:

Magda Kessler summed up his first visit to “Okrąglak”, saying that although he waited a long time for food, I really liked it.. The next day, she tried to figure out why the restaurant was neglected and not making a living. Shortly after entering the restaurant, the chef praised Dorota for cookingAt the same time, she overheard the conversation from the room and asked her favorite owner again. When she talked to the chef, she found it Miroslav points out her extravagance and oppresses her with text messages after she finishes her job. Soon, he took the owner to an interview, recalling what he had asked the cook.

Then she called Dorota by her side again and asked if she was managing a restaurant. Magda Kessler, who was with the owner, raised the chef’s salary and asked him to hire two people to help.. After a while, the host of “Kitchen Revolutions” looked at the kitchen from the inside. She noticed the dirt caused by Dorota having no help in this matter. Angrily, she also scattered unusable pots, cooking utensils and plastic packaging..

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On the third day, Magda Kessler returned to the kitchen with the new equipment cleaned by the workers. During another conversation with Miroslav the restaurant forced him Raise the chef’s salary and give him an income bonus. He then proposed changes – changing the name “OK all the time“, He announced the new decor and presented a list of dishes for the reception dinner. He invited the entire staff to create posters to encourage guests to go to their restaurants.

Photo: x-news

Restaurant staff at “Kitchen Revolutions”

On the last day of the Revolution, Magda Kessler supported the team in preparing dinner and met with new staff. While cooking, it turned out that the owner had ordered the wrong mushrooms. Soon, a team led by the owner went to town to upgrade their premises. Although Magda Kessler did not leave any harsh words towards the owner, the dinner was a success.

“Kitchen Revolutions” in Sosnovik. Magda Gessler did not save the business

Magda Kessler returned to the “Well Round Up” restaurant just three weeks after the “Kitchen Revolutions”. Shortly after entering the restaurant, she noticed that it was empty and cold, and the staff confirmed that there was really no traffic. We learned from the manager that Miroslav only limited advertising in designing new leaflets that would be distributed throughout the area.. The chef was also disappointed that Magda Kessler’s visit did not yield the expected result. Magda Kessler underestimated eggs stuffed with mushrooms, noting that the diet was “low”.But she loved the broth and the meatballs. Employees complained that there was no improvement in the employer’s behavior and did not stop insulting employees.

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The “Kitchen Revolution” star criticized the owner’s behaviorBy telling him:

Leaving the campus she said:

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