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Klaus Nkonko on the Blues List: “For them, it was the moment,” Deschamps explains

Two players discover the group – Jonathan Klaus and Christopher Nkunku. What prompted you to make these choices?
They are both successful players with their clubs. They could have been summoned before, too. There is a period with two friendlies. I think it is time to see them specifically to get more answers regarding the final choices I will have to make in the future.

Christopher Nkunko repeated the best performances of recent months. What kind of profile do you think he has?
His record has changed a bit, he’s been more of a side player, he’s more central, a second striker, in a system where he has a lot of freedom. It is also closer to the target. With us, it is clear that its use will be in this sector.

‘It’s hard to find opponents’

Do you regret the cancellation of the training camp in Qatar, which deprives players of the possibility of discovering this environment?
It was a viable option, but for various reasons it was not possible. I adapt. The final decision maker is the master (Noel Le Graet). We made sure we had two discounts for the month of March (Ivory Coast, South Africa). It is getting more and more difficult to find opponents. It’s been a long time since we faced African teams (November 15, 2016, 0-0 vs Ivory Coast).

“Alphonse (Arreola) knows the France team well. He has already proven. That does not mean that Lafont cannot come. It is up to him to keep what he does with FC Nantes.”

Why did you choose not to call Ousmane Dembele, Nabil Fekir or Leo Dubois?
There is no particular reason, some are in recovery, need to continue. It is not fixed.

I have chosen to call up Alphonse Areola, the substitute at West Ham. Is Alban Lafont of Nantes still far from the “A” choice?
Alban is having a much better season than the previous one. It’s natural to remember a great performance, that one against PSG. Of course we follow him. It is progressing. Alphonse has more significant experience with us. It maintains its performance level. He has a high level of experience. There are a lot of people. It’s part of the discussions we can have with the staff. Alphonse knows France well. I have already proven. That doesn’t mean Lafont can’t come. It is up to him to maintain what he has been doing with Nantes since the start of the season.

How do you judge Karim Benzema’s performance, especially the exceptional performance against Paris Saint-Germain (3-1)?
It’s on a level of excellence, it’s worth it. From her development, from what she has done around her, in her preparatory work. The best is decisive in the big games. He has a little problem (hurry), it shouldn’t matter. I hope everything goes well. We will be able to manage it.