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Latest information on the Hannover 96 catch-up match against Würzburger Kickers

Initial position:

For the 96, it is first and foremost about taking momentum from the second half of the home game against HSV (3: 3) with them, rising to their role as favorites and making up for defeat in the first leg. The constellation of the Table is clear, because the Table X receives the last light.


The Würzburger Kickers managed to collect only 16 points in 26 games, and the distance to the savings bank was already ten points after the 0-1 defeat at Sandhausen. If they also lose the catch-up match in Hanover and then the basement duel against Nuremberg on Sunday, relegation is almost certain. For the 96, the remaining games are close to finishing as high as possible in the table. The boarding train almost certainly has already left.


To date, the duel between Hanover 96 and the Würzburger Kickers has occurred only four times. In the promotion season 2016/17, 96 won the second leg 3-1, in Würzburg, both teams were separated without goals. In the first leg of this season, he lost 96 2-1 at the kickers, who were already bottom of the table. Additionally, Hanover and Würzburg also met in the first round of the DFB Cup this year. Here 96 were able to win 3-2, goals came late.

Status of employees at 96:

Hendrik Weidan has treated sialoadenitis and can help shed the bottom of the pack again. Moussa Dumbuya has had a minor thigh problem lately but he should be available too. Things don’t look okay with youngsters Mick Godra (hit to the foot) and Kingsley Schindler, who only trained individually after a violent kiss on the horse.

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Paris Pasdas, who returned to coaching the team shortly before the match after the death of his father, should not be a problem for the starting players. Only Frank Ivina and Timo Hubert are missing from long-term injuries.

The situation of employees in Würzburg:

Kickers still have to do without central defender Ewerton, left back and main player Arne Vick (injury close) is also missing. Additionally, Niklas Hoffmann, Luke Heimrich, and Hendrick Hansen (patellar tendon) will likely not be available for game in the capital of Lower Saxony.

Here is the schedule of Hanover 96 for the 2020/21 season of the second German league:

Hanover plays 96 in the current second division season against Fortuna Düsseldorf, HSV and Eintracht Braunschweig, among others.


This is what 96 coach Kenan Kojak said:

“We must be warned about the result of the first half of the season,” said the 96th coach, who was unable to stand on the sidelines during the match in Franconia due to back pain. “Everyone should be aware that Würzburg recently defeated Düsseldorf and Hamburg. The constellation Table shouldn’t overlook us.” But Kojak also stresses: “We have to win the match, we can win it – and that has to be going on in our heads.”

Here’s what Würzburg captain Christian Strodick said:

“There are no longer any simple missions. But we don’t need to hide in Hanover either. There is no reason for that. We have to go to the match with a clear head and put our performance on the field.” There is sure to be a positive feeling when you win the first leg, according to the 33-year-old defender, who led the team to the field in the 0-1 game in the basement duel in Sandhausen.

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Final facts: