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Łomża Vive Kielce – HBC Nantes. What an excitement in the Champions League!

Handball players from Łomża Vive Kielce have passed the UEFA Champions League. Kielce’s team lost the rematch to French Nantes 31-34 in their hall and did not defend their superiority in the match they won away from home. For the Polish champions, pulling out before the quarter-finals is a slap they’ve had.

The 25-24 win a week ago in Nantes was a good but dangerous result for Kielce’s side. On the other hand, victory is a victory and gives you an advantage before the rematch in your hall. But the opponent showed that the title of vice-champion of the second strongest league in the world is binding. So, before the match, Kielce’s team announced that they would not treat a one-goal win over France as an advance, but as a warning.

The first half showed that Kielce’s team really played with respect. And they are very big, because they have played steadily and allowed a lot to their competitors. Especially in defense that the goalkeepers did not help. The goalkeepers did not help the defense – in the 10th minute Andreas Wolff, who had not hit the ball, was replaced by Mateusz Kornecki. Only after a quarter of an hour he had a successful intervention, and at the end of the first half he added the second. And that was all that Kelsey goalkeepers showed in the first half, and in the meantime …

Meanwhile, Emile Nielsen’s “one man show” was on the other side. The Danish world champion saved from Egypt 10 shots at home, including a penalty. He was showing off, and the French defense helped him. In the attack, Kelsey didn’t perform too badly, but they still lost to Nielsen. As a result, they were losing to Nantes all the time – with a goal, two goals, three goals, and by 45 minutes they had one lead, that is, 1-0, that is, 1-0 …

It was only after the break that it was possible to improve defense and improve efficiency, although that cost a lot of time and even more nerves. Talant Duishibayev shouted at his team until the echo was carried through the empty legions hall. He was stressed by the impotence of his team in their efforts to turn the meeting around. Finally, Wolf joined the match late, and although two successful knee interventions didn’t knock them out, at least there was no difference between him and Nielsen, who also defended only twice. So, a quarter of an hour before the end, Kelsey finished second in this match, 23-22. And they kept them only twice, because in the 50th minute everything returned to unpleasant norms and the team was ahead – again the guests were two goals – 27-25.

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They kept them until the end, which gave them an impressive progression to the quarter-finals. There they will play Veszprem and you can spit in your chin that it is not Kelsey who will go to Hungary, although the biggest contribution to the early end of the season is the group stage match that German Flensburg lost in their home hall and then omża Vive Kielce fell third on the table. . Now the Polish champions can focus on defending the title in domestic competitions, which may also happen earlier, because they have a huge advantage over the remaining bet, and this season there are no playoff matches.

The quarter-finals will be played in May.

I will be in advance

Łomża vive: Andreas Wolff, Mathews Kulesz 6, Alex Dujshebaev 4, Angel Fernandez Perez 4, Arkadiusz Moryto 4, Arciom Karalek 4, Nicolas Tournat 4, Igor Karacic 3, Michał Olejniczak 1, Sigvaldi Gudranjonsko Simon, Simon Sigvaldi Gudranjonsko 4

HBC Nantes: Cyril Dumolin, Emile Nielsen-Valero Rivera 9, Emeric Maine 8, Alexander Cavalcanti 6, Kirish Zazzaro 4, Dragan Bishamalbeek 3, Adrian Figueres 2, David Balaguer 2, Baptiste Damatrin Bertrand, Tebod Priett, Milano Milius, Sebast Rock Filho, Theo Munnar.

Judges: Vaclav Horczyk, Army of Novotny (Czech Republic). Penalty penalty minutes: Łomża Vive – 8, – Nantes 8. No audience.

The guests scored one more goal, winning 34-31 in Kielce, to advance to the quarter-finals.

60. min – Dujchibayev missed and that was the end of the dreams of the Polish heroes.

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60 minutes – Cavalcante hit, 31-33.

The 59th minute – a two-minute penalty kick for Bretta.

59th minute – Kulesz hit, 31-32.

The 59th minute – Rivera Fulch injured from the wing, 30-32.

Time to request the guest coach.

58. Min – Nielsen saved the Karachi throw.

Goal of Nantes 30-31.

58 minutes – turn off the circuit after Dujshebaev administration, 30-30.

57. min – Wolf saved Figueras’ throw from the circuit.

56th minute – After a long Moryto work from the wing, 29-30.

It’s time for the home coach.

55 minutes – northbeek from the wheel, 28-30.

The 54th minute – Dujchibayev, strong and accurate, from the penalty spot, 28-29.

54. min – Rivera Fulch by goat against the bar, penalty, 27-29.

54. One-two-minute penalty for Karaliuk.

53 minutes – turn off the wheel, 27-28.

52. min – Lazarov from a distance down the bar, 26-28.

52. min – Dujshebaev successfully completed a penalty, 26-27.

The 51st minute – Lazarov from a distance of 25-27.

50 minutes – Maine singles work, 25-26.

49. Min – Nielsen saved a Karachi penalty.

48 minutes – Lazarov from the eighth meter, 25-25.

47. min – individual work by Kulesz, 25-24.

45. min – Karachi, with a successful penalty, 23-22

45 minutes – 2 minutes for Rivera Fulch.

43. The minute – Tournat drew 22-22.

43 minutes – northbeek from the circle, 21-22.

42. 1 minute – 2 minutes penalty for others.

42. min – T. Gębala hit from the circle, 21-21.

41. min – Wolf saved Lazarov’s throw again.

40. minutes – Moretto hit the post with a penalty kick.

39. min – Wolf saved Lazarov’s throw.

38. minutes – Moretto successfully completed a penalty, 20-21.

The 38th minute – Rivera Fulch from the penalty spot, 19-21.

38. 1 minute – 2 minutes from the penalty spot for Ulinczak.

37th minute – Karaaliuk in second place, 19-20.

37th minute – Kulesz losses reduced, 18-20.

36 minutes – Rivera Fulch from the wing, 17-20.

36. 1 minute – 2 minutes for LBT. Gabala.

35. Minutes – We answer quickly, Judgonson from the wing, 17-19.

The 35th minute – use a counter, 16-19.

The 35th minute – Nielsen stops Karaliuk.

34 minutes – 6 min, 16-18.

33. Minute – Fernandez defeated Nielsen, 16-17, with a “screw”.

The 32nd minute – Karaaliuk hit by Fernandez’s throw, 15-17.

32. Minutes – Solo Action by Karachi, 14-16.

The 31st minute – Rivera Fulch succeeded again with a penalty kick, 13-16.

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Wolff came back on target from the start of the second half.

30. min – Karacziac missed, against the French national team, Pechmalbec scored, but the referees decided that with the passage of time.

30 minutes – Rivera Fulch against the bar from the penalty spot, 13-15.

29. min – Moretto stopped by Nielsen.

29 minutes – 5 min, 13-14.

28 minutes – Dujshebaev after Sićki’s administration, 13.13.

28th minute – Lazarov brought two defenders on himself, passed to Figueras, who struck from the circle, 12-13.

26 minutes – Olejniczak broke through and hit the wheels, 12-12.

26. Minutes – Maine from the hip effectively, 11-12.

Coach Nantes took time.

25. Minutes – Against the Poles, Fernandes took advantage of Dogchibayev’s excellent pass, 11-11.

24. minutes – Milic prevented.

24 minutes – a tour of the circuit with the help of Dujshebaev, 10-11.

The 22nd minute – Fernandez injured from the wing, 9-11.

The 22nd minute – two minutes for Augustinhausen.

21. Minutes – Figueras from the circle, 8-11.

21. Minutes – Nielsen saved a penalty kick by Morita.

20 minutes – Against the Poles, but Nielsen stops Fernandez.

19. minutes – Moretto on the goalkeeper’s leg with a penalty, 8-10.

17.min – Yellow Card for Pechmalbec.

16. Minutes – Rivera Fulch scored a penalty for the second time, 7-10.

16. Minutes – Dujshebaev after individual work, 7-9.

15. Minutes – min in accuracy, 6-9.

15. Minutes – the hole is from the hip, but not on the target.

13. Minutes – Kulesz takes effect again, 6-8.

12. Minutes – Karachic missed the block.

11. Minute – Kornicky allowed entry after Wolff, effective on first intervention.

11.min – Singles Kulesz from 6 meters, 5-7.

10. Minute – Cavalcante in 8 meters, 4-7.

9. Minute – Karaaliuk immediately answered, 4-6.

9 minutes – Min hit, 3-6.

8. Minute – Moretto between Nielsen’s legs from the penalty spot, 3-5.

7. Minute – Balagir Romeo from the wing, 2-5.

6. Minute – Karachi hit, 2-3.

5. The minute – Cavalcante scored another goal, 1-3.

4. Minute – Nielsen saved Dujchibayev’s throw.

4.min – Rivera Fulch received a penalty, 1–2.

3. Accurate – Kulesz hit the existing, but on the goalkeeper’s leg.

The second minute – Cavalcante also tied from the 1-1 circle.

1.min – Karaliuk fired from the circuit to give the hosts a 1-0 lead.