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Kochovska will play a character based on Epkowska in ப Epkovska's film.  "Zo³za" in theaters in September

Kochovska will play a character based on Epkowska in ப Epkovska’s film. “Zo³za” in theaters in September

Anna Sofanska (Malcorsada Kochovska) aka “Zołza”, “Queen”, “Shakespeare”. Life balance to date: 1 husband, 2 Children, 36 statues, 40 million viewers. Number of people who have not seen his film work: Hmm – maybe 2 or 3. Number of heroes he has found: 186. Number of failures in his personal and professional life: 0 (at least he thinks so). Upcoming Nerve Fractures: 1. Anna creates stars with one nod and destroys them with the other. Although she does not see her life as far removed from the world she creates on screen, she wants to be strong and perfect in every area. However, when he thinks he has everything, life decides to rub his nose. What comes of this? Will Zołza rule his own life?

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POP Culture, Chapter 119

“Sola”. Kożuchowska: This story weaves professional and personal rules – Ilona and mine

Ilona Łepkowska, the screenwriter and co-producer of “Zołza”, at the same time acted as her main inspiration, claiming that Kożuchowska was the perfect actress for the lead role from the very beginning of the idea work. – Our next professional meeting after many years, this time with the film “Zołza”, is extraordinary, magical and gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. We make a joke, not so ordinary, but certainly extraordinary, amazing. Our reunion with Małgosia – underscores the screenwriter.

“I’m excited about both this story and my new role as co – producer!” I’ve been thinking about this for years, but until Ilona sent me her book asking me to consider participating in this project – I knew right away that it was a firecracker! I think I should do it! – Echoes Łepkowska Małgorzata Kożuchowska. – Yes History This is amazing because it is a professional and personal rule – Ilona and mine. The candle is a reflection of standard life and has a sharp, self-respecting, brilliant sense of humor. I can not wait for the reaction of the audience! See you in theaters!

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Among the star actors of this comedy and emotional film, besides Małgorzata Kożuchowska, we will also see: Artur Żmijewski, Anna Dymna, Zofia Domalik, Bronisław Wrocławski, Jacek Borusińńński, Kalipcińcińschili, Ficci The film was produced by Wonder Films – a production company founded by Claudius Friedrich, Christoph Rock and Inga Kruk.

The premiere of the movie “Zołzy” is scheduled for September 16.


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