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Rafał Brzozowski talks about her love life and a new relationship

Rafał Brzozowski first opened up about her relationship with Natalia Jacqueline in an interview in her series Made of iron. What did he say, is he ready for a new relationship?

Rafał Brzozowski One of the most recognized singers in Poland. He began his career by participating in the show Voice of Poland, There he joined the Andrzej Piaseczny team. He was eliminated shortly before the final. However, he did have a career. He has been creating new hits for many years. He already has 4 studio albums and his first solo Very close The audience in the category won the award Lata hit At the Esco Music Awards 2012.

The musician has received a lot of sympathy from the audience and is also the host of popular entertainment shows on TVP. In he was introduced Cole FortuneTwo years later he appeared as the host of a concert Jakka for Melodia?

Recently, there was a lot of talk about him when he represented Poland at Eurovision 2021. Ride. He was not successful, but he certainly gained new fans.

Rafał Telewizja is one of the stars of Polskie and often appears as a guest or host at various events. Yet his life remains a mystery. He was known to be lonely for some time. He divorced his fiance Anna Tarnowska in April last year after 8 years. He did not say anything else after the official announcement was posted on social media.

Has his heart stopped beating since then? For the first time, singer Natalia told Jacqueline about the breakup of the relationship and new love.

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Rafał Brzozowski talks about her love life and a new relationship

Rafał Brzozowski was one of the first guests on the Natalia Jakuła Iron Made channel. They talked about the singer’s wrestling career, sports and psychology in life. The lecturer did not hesitate to ask the artist if he had used the help of experts, and confirmed that there were situations like this:

In some personal situations, when relationships and some relationships break down I notice that something is wrong, I need to talk to some expert and find out the reason why it happened. In general, everything should be fine, but it is not – he said.

He also revealed that it is important for him to fully accept the other person’s pros and cons in a relationship. If this disappears, the relationship will not be successful. He did not hide the fact that these were decisions he had made based on his own experiences. He also admitted that he had experienced many things in male-female relationships:

I have already crossed mountains, valleys, everything, good, bad and bad.

When asked if you are ready for a new relationship, he replied that he is not a person who moves quickly from relationship to relationship. Currently, he is focusing on a career that is at its peak and he realized that it will not always be like this, but rather this sphere of life is very important to him now. Brsozovsky did not reject a new love, but he made it clear that this moment was ahead of him, as if slowing down at work.

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