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“Koh-Lanta: The Cursed Totem”: Viewers saw the same everywhere

KOH-LANTA – With a new season titled Cursed TotemAnd the Koh Lanta It was on TF1 this Tuesday, February 22nd.

The adventure game, which has kept its airing day on Tuesday, welcomes 24 new anonymous candidates who will outlast swords for 40 days in Palawan, the Philippines.

For the first time in the history of the program, the indestructible totem of immunity will accompany its evil twin, the Cursed Totem. Its concept is simple: during team events, a person who loses a game of rest will have to suffer one of her many curses (which will be revealed during the season). Note, however, that this cursed totem will only interfere during the comforts during the first half of the adventure. And then he’ll casually come back after the reunion.

For the first time in peak viewing this Tuesday, viewers basically got acquainted with the new nominees, finding them a slew of lookalikes and celebrities or former nominees from the game, As you can see in the tweets belowCeline and her resemblance to Cathy Tucci (actress character Isabel Nante in the touch), Frank and Francois Bayrou, Bastien and Benjamin Pavard, Stephanie and Cindy Pomerol (former candidate for Koh Lanta In 2019 and 2021) …

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