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“Koh Lanta, the Legend”: Send Clemence and Alexandra to the Island of Exiles

“I think I will be able to write a book: How to shoot your feet in ten lessons Since the beginning of episode nine of “Koh-Lanta, the legend” Tuesday night on TF1, Clémence has felt she was not in a comfortable position. By giving Alex her invincibility amulet last week and eliminating Namdia, she alienated many adventurers. Which It was fatal for him at the end of the show.

Prior to this, Namadia quickly appeared only on the Isle of the Outcast where he faced Kumba in the ring. The taxi driver fails to solve the mystery as quickly as his companion and joins the final jury residence, leaving the adventure forever.

At the United Tribe camp, the candidates took the shooting test as a game of rest. With each round of shooting, the better had to break the opponent’s arrow. A harsh mechanism usually elicits great moments of frustration and resentment. Especially since the reward included a phone call to a loved one. This edition was fairly wise with the measured reactions. When Phil broke his arrow to stop Sam from doing so, we thought he’d head for a spin, but in the end it wouldn’t.

Alex unscrupulous

True to his reputation, Sam shone again, before losing in the final to Tehiora. Then the Polynesian chose him to share his bounty, and he repeated his selection during the same event in 2020 on Heroes Island. There’s nothing too exciting about this taste of deja vu, except that Teheiura used his time as a duet with his young friend to make one of the most elaborate jokes in this version: “What’s the acronym and who’s throwing themselves? Zucchini!”.

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It should be noted above all that the women were eliminated one by one over the course of the event, underlining how much male solidarity has affected this “myth” version.

Then the thunder pounded in the game of immunity: the latter would have been immediately perished, or rather sent to the island of exile, but this is not known to the adventurers. After a masterful victory by Ugo, who continues to amaze day after day, Christelle topped Alexandra in the final duel. A real slap in the face for Loc, who is very close to Alexandra, who had already lost his best friend, Bertrand-Kamal, in a similar scenario during “Koh-Lanta, the Four Lands” the previous year.

During the council, Alex was threatened in the same way as Clemens, and had no qualms about voting against the one who saved her a few days before (after assuring her that she would never be able to do so) and thus she is a double winner of the match who left and will find Kumba and Alexandra in stadium next week.