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Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. performed at Mrągowo.  "Dad, I'm in good hands"

Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. performed at Mrągowo. “Dad, I’m in good hands”

The performance of Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. at the Polish Festival has been announced for several weeks. Son of the deceased in April this year. Christoph Krovsik was preparing for the event under the supervision of his art supervisor, Marion Litchman of the Trappordu band. Platts were the first to see the collective training of musicians. On Friday evening, artists took to the stage to entertain the audience gathered in Marikovo. The audience listened to the biggest hits from the Troopers set, including the songs.Mom, come here to swear“I”We know each other only by sight“. The men trembled, However, there were some high moments.

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Christoph Kravzic is younger than his father: “I’m in good hands”

At one point, Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. returned to his father. Without hiding his feelings, he said from the stage:

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It is no secret that the son of Christoph Grovsik and Marion Litchman did not have a good relationship with the deceased artist’s widow Eva Kravsik and the singer’s longtime manager Andrzej Gosmala. The dispute between the parties was said to have started His father was not allowed in the coffin at his funeral. Earlier it turned out Christoph Krovsik’s son lives on the “border of homelessness”. There was that man too The protagonist of the shocking statement is “Tips!”In it he revealed the truth about his life. He supported him Marion Litchman From Trabador, he is in open conflict with Eva Kravsik and Andrzej Gosmala.

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That information Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. will lose his father’s legacyThe wealth of the artist was allotted to his wife. Kravsik’s widow met her stepmother in court, A Excerpts from the review article “Tips!” Shown in one of the versions. TVN. Another report on the fate of Christoph Grovsick’s 48-year-old son caused quite a stir. Krovsick’s son also admitted that his stepmother had difficulty communicating with his father. Since then, pages on Facebook in front of color magazines have consistently leveled accusations.

Andrzej Gosmala is openly attacking Marion Litchman, a former colleague of Christoph Krovsik of Troopodors, who is currently supporting Christoph Krovsik Jr. A few weeks ago, he also mentioned the question of one of the Internet users, who asked why he did not help Krovsik’s son in his difficult situation. The 48-year-old manager of the artist promised to lend him a helping handHowever, it came to nothing.

For the next few weeks the whole of Poland lived in conflict between the parties.

Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / mwmedia / MW Media

Christoph Krovsik

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