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First game and win in the Premier League!  Arsenal's shameful misstep football

First game and win in the Premier League! Arsenal’s shameful misstep football

A magic evening at the Brentford Community Arena in London. He played the Premier League game for the first time in the history of the Brentford Club. Thirteen-time English champions – Arsenal – in addition to their rival.

Lewandowski could have scored higher and Bayern could have lost! Strong start

The crazy joy of the newcomer

Nearly fifteen thousand spectators already had a chance to get very excited in the 22nd minute. Then Spaniard Sergey Canos ran into the penalty area and tried to look pretty in the narrow corner of the goal. Brentford has been waiting for a goal in the top division since 1947! However, there is no Premier League, founded in 1992. Brentford players were only able to get promoted in June this year.

In the 73rd minute, Danish Christian Norcard scored the second goal for the hosts after a long, successful shot from Germany’s Vitaly Geneld.

The goal of Alexander ColeAwesome goals gave Stall the first win of the season! Vistula is getting worse

Arsenal players tried to turn the tide without Absemiang and Lockett. They had an advantage but played badly. They could not even score a contact goal. The first round of the Premier League ends this weekend. Sunday, win: Tottenham – Manchester City.

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