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Speedway: Tomas Golob and Pyotr Protasevich talk about their competition on the freeway

Speedway: Tomas Golob and Pyotr Protasevich talk about their competition on the freeway

– We were enemies, but on the other hand we were colleagues, we never crossed the border, in which we could not return to conversation. When I lost Piotr from the radar, I was wondering who would find a match like this that makes me work harder – Tomas Kolob summed up his relationship with Protossievich.

– I can be close with a man who is the legend of world speed and the best competitor in Polish history. For years now, I have been appreciating it more and more. I hope this history does not happen again on the Polish freeway – Protasevich added to nSport +.

Currently, the two men have a great relationship, but this is not always the case. This fight electrified not only the fans but also the players and their surroundings.

– Piotr Protasiewicz – I remember the interview with Władysław Gollob and Jacek Gollob who started cooling off. I told him I didn’t feel like a worse player than Jacek and would like to compare him to Dome. This hurt Władysław Gollob. Maybe I said something wrong, but I said that Jacek is equal to his playing level, of course Tom is the best. However, it was poorly received. Jacek is certainly a great player, no one will win two Polish championship titles for free, however, without him the victories of the Polish community would not be possible. Looking back, I understand your dad, he wanted the best. He had excellent media skills and was able to push. I, on the other hand, was young, could not disconnect myself, and sometimes I splashed something too – admittedly Protestant.

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– Otherwise, it would be wrong, maybe we would not have put this story together. I remember a conference when Pyotr talked about his ambitions, which irritated me. Now I appreciate it, because he’s the one who set the bar, and we both grew up – Golob replied.

– I think a small partnership in the brick is mine in all of Tomak’s successes. Domek had to have the best equipment at all times, and there was a man to compare himself with – Protasevich said in the distance.

– In the first season of racing in Bologna, Domek came to my box and wanted to warm up my engine. He moved the pace for a moment and saw that I had a heavy trunk. I had no idea what was going on then. It was then that I went to Anton Nischler, who agreed that he was right. Then I explored the matter and I could identify things like this – he told the story.

In 1999, both players competed in the famous fall of the Golden Helmet Final in Vrosa, which ended their season. Protasievich had an open collarbone fracture, and Kolop had numerous injuries and a concussion. This fall, Bologna missed out on a chance at the gold medal, and Golop missed out on a chance at the World Championships.

– We were entering the first curve, there was Pavlisek in front of me, I went very fast and hit the rear wheel of the competitor I was surprised. When the motorcycle went to the mob, I saw Pyotrek, and by accident I turned on the gas. If I had known that Pyotr was behind me, I would have released the motorcycle – he recalled the accident.

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The protagonist of this event has somewhat happy memories: I was lying in the ward, remembering that Domek came to see me. He was still very shocked, the first question he asked me was “What are we doing here?” I started talking about accident, injury, Tom looks at me and asks again after a while: “But what are we doing here?”. The feet must have been really strong – he recalled with a smile.

However, there were a few moments on the edge of the knife. – As Polonia, we were driving the race in Gilona Cora. Before the recommended races, there was an unwritten rule that sometimes Tom would have priority in choosing the domain, and sometimes I had priority. This time something changed and Domek wanted to choose first. The Fallopas players were surprised to lose the match and suddenly they were watching us fight for points. I still remember that scene. In the middle is Lessek Tillinger, my dad and brother behind me, his dad and brother behind Tom, and we jump on each other’s throats. In the end, I won the first place, but I was eliminated from the race – recalled Protasievich.

Anyway this is not the end. “We ran twice as fast as Tony Rickardson. I suddenly ran on your rear wheel. In the parking lot, of course, I had a huge rage against you for driving me. It was only when I saw the whole act at home that I realized what nonsense I was talking about,” Protasievich said.

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The aforementioned Vadisva Kolob was involved in a lot of relationships between these players. After joining the Protestant club, he did not want this player to compete with his sons in the Polish pair championship.

– Mr. Vadiswa said that since you have won so many medals for this club, you do not need the help of other players and you wanted to go to the MBPK semifinals on your own. The club did not go for it, I went to Godans for the semifinals with Tomas Poprovsky and Jacek Komalsky. We didn’t make it in the first place. After these matches, Vadisva Kolob agreed to another arrangement, in the final we were already in the strong rankings, of course we won – said Protasievich. Of course, all the fans of the Polish community lived for several weeks on this matter, and such circumstances only heated up rumors of fights between the Protoziev team and the Kolob family.