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Andrzej Gosmala strongly praised the performance of Krovsik Jr. and Troopers.

Andrzej Gosmala strongly praised the performance of Krovsik Jr. and Troopers.

Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. has made his dream come true, he spoke several times in interviews. He performed on the big stage and sang songs from the songs of his father Christoph Krovsik, who died in April. His The “nationwide” debut took place at the fifth wedding in Markov. Jr., along with the musicians of the troupe, sang the band’s greatest hits. Including “We know each other only by sight”, “Kasia” or “Come mother to swear”. After the show, he returned to his dead father:

After the concert on social media, Internet users expressed their opinion about the performance of Krzysztof Krawczyk Jr. Many praised his voice progress. There were also some critical voices.

Andrzej Gosmala evaluates Krovsik Jr.’s performance in Markov

Andrzej Gosmala is one of the few people who doesn’t like Christoph Krovsik Jr.’s performance with Troopers. A former manager and friend of Christoph Krovsick, who died in April, posted a poem on his Facebook, evaluating the voice skills of Krasik Jr.

“If the cucumber doesn’t sing at any time, it can be seen by the will of heaven, maybe it can’t” – He quoted the words of the poem by Konstanti Ilfones Kaczynski.

The rest of the article can be seen under the video:

The comments of internet users were also featured in the post of Andrzej Gosmala. Most people criticize the author of the post.

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“Like the dead singer’s wife, didn’t Mr. Gosmala care much about removing Kravsik Jr. from the profit? The boy was alone, and instead of helping him, he threw logs at his feet. Also, it is not his fault that he has health problems “- said one of the internet users. Another added:” Friend, You do everything you can to remember that snoopy is the average type. Is it worth it to be a bitter man in your old age? ”

There were also comments defending Kravsik Jr.’s performance.

“And I think Chrissy is great, he doesn’t have to sing like KK. He is a very good and positive person, no matter what his close people have prepared for him!

Photo: Jarosław Antoniak / MW Media

Andrzej Gosmala and Christoph Kravzic

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