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IPN Marius Walter Documents of Security Service, Folder Agent

In an interview with Newsweek’s latest issue, Marius Walter said he had security service documents that fit the art. Section 54 of the Act relating to the National Memorial Institution should be placed in the archives of the National Memorial. “You can always tell that the SP file is burned, but you see that you keep it at home. She’s fat with four fingers. And I can not blame myself or my family for being against me” – we read in the interview.

In accordance with Art. Section 54 of the National Memorial Institution Act provides that anyone who holds documents that are to be transferred to the National Memorial Institution, except for their transfer, is liable to imprisonment for a term of six months to eight years.

The PAP has unofficially learned that it will begin with the establishment of practical documents to clarify the case at the National Memorial – the Commission for the Determination of Crimes against the Polish Nation and the office of the head of the National Reminder. With regard to Marius Walter, it is housed in the IPN archive. The next step is to verify that the documents Walter speaks of are legally in his possession.

“Everything in accordance with all the provisions of the law on the National Memorial”

BAP asked Marius Walter for an opinion on the matter, saying he had the documents mentioned in an interview with Newsweek in accordance with the law. “Copies of the material about me were provided by an authorized attorney who complied with all the provisions of the law relating to the National Memorial Institute,” Walter said.

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The National Memorial Institute – as the organization has repeatedly stated – is to provide documents created and collected by the security forces of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, including, among other things, Nazi and communist crimes against Polish citizens.

In addition, the National Reminder Agency must obtain, among other things, documents of the Civil and Military Civil Defense Organizations from 1944-90 and documents prepared by prison officials, courts and prosecutors’ offices about persons oppressed for political reasons.

“What is meant by documents? All of these, regardless of the format of the information repository, especially: files, files, records, computer files, letters, maps, projects, images and other image carriers, audio carriers and all other formats. Copies, transcripts and other copies “- explained the company.

IPN also said that if anyone had such items, they could provide them according to the rules described on the website Using the contact details provided there, you can also consult whether your documents are subject to a legal disclosure obligation.

Who is Marius Walter?

Marius Walter has been associated with the company that owns the ITI since the first half of the 1980s and co-founded it with John Weschert, who died in 2009.

In 1997, the ITI Group founded TVN (meanwhile, in addition to the main station, launched several themed channels) which was sold in 2014 to US-based Scripps Networks Interactive (acquired by Discovery in 2018). . In 2012, TVN sold Gruba Onet to Ringier Axel Springer Media Concern. Marius Walter was the head of TVN from 1997-2001, and later the broadcaster was managed by his son Piotr for many years.

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In 2006, the ITI Group launched the n + platform, most of which were sold to Canal + in 2011. For more than 10 years, ITI has also been the owner of the Multicino Cinema Network (in 2013 it was sold to British View International and for almost a decade – to the Legia Warsaw Club.

At the beginning of the last decade, Marius Walter stepped down from managing the ITI Group, and in 2013 he became its Honorary Chairman.

Because of his stake in ITI Holdings, Marius Walter has been on the list of rich poles for many years. In the “Wprost” ranking, in 2007-2008, his assets were valued at PLN 1.2 billion.

In early 2019, Forbes PLN estimated Marius Walter’s fortune at 495 million, ranking last and 100th in the list of richest poles. Last year Walter was no longer listed.

From 1963-1982, Marius Walter worked for Polish television. As head of DVP2’s press releases and document formats. He co-created projects such as “Urban Rivalry” and “Studio 2”, then a member of the Polish United Labor Party.