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KSW 63: We know the first details of the ceremony. Roberto Soldyck is back!

Roberto Soldic’s match against Patrick Kinkle will take place at the KSW 63 party. During event number 62, we learned the first details of the upcoming concert of the largest Polish MMA organization.

Soldyck and Kinkel will compete for the championship in the welterweight category. The Croatian won the cup at the KSW 41 ceremony, beating Boris Makovsky early on. Then he lost his belt and lost to Dricos de Plessis, but he quickly regained the belt, and succeeded in bringing the player back from South Africa in his next match.

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Kinkel was defeated at KSW by the KSW 57 party, when he defeated the legendary Tomasz Drwal in the first round. During KSW 61 he won with Tomasz Romanowski. Interestingly, Soldi’s fight against Kincl was supposed to take place at KSW 50, but the Czechs withdrew due to injury.

The KSW 63 Gala will take place in September.

KSW 63: Gala announcement. We know the first details!

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