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Large families: Rovran Bambara was hospitalized with influenza, which left him with “brain lesions”.

Rofran Bambara, the show’s symbolic nominee Great families, life in XXL She posted a new video on her Instagram account on Tuesday January 4, 2022. The family’s mother revealed that she was hospitalized on New Year’s Day after major health concerns.

Since July 2020, TF1 has been broadcasting the program Great families, life in XXL. This program follows the daily life of large families, their various activities and also the way they are organized each day. The least we can say is that this program is a success. In the late afternoon every day, it gathers several thousand viewers. Among the families present on the program, there is the Pellissards, undoubtedly the star family of the show, the Blois, but also the Bambara. And the latter does not always have an easy life. And for good reason, Wednesday December 1, 2021, Rovran Bambara finally found out the diagnosis of his son Khairuddin who underwent numerous tests to find out if he had autism or not: “My meeting with the psychomotor therapist is an exchange about my charity. It is a series of questions, so I answer as best I can. She assured me, saying, ‘Madam Bambara, yes, there are peculiar traits that put an end to the end, falling within broadly to some degree of autism, of the autism spectrum.

A simple flu came at the end of the year.”

Unfortunately, Rovran Bambara’s fears did not subside. Mom just posted a new video on her account Instagram This Tuesday, January 4, 2022. She wished her subscribers a Happy New Year before telling her what to do with a rather eventful year. And for good reason, she was hospitalized with serious health concerns due to the flu. “For us this year the covid/air flu test and the Christmas lumbar puncture was accompanied by a signal from the CT scans, the MRIs and all the checks in the hospital. And for the New Year nothing more than works in my little body Begin with the explanation.

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Then the candidate for large families continues: “A simple flu appeared at the end of the year, I ended up in the hospital with loss of movement on the right side since a simple flu left me with brain lesions. And yes, minor flu is still crazy that in 2021 we were never told the seriousness of minor flu, to me, at all. I wasn’t expecting to be in this state because of the flu”. She then concluded by reassuring her fans and explained that she has gradually returned to walking thanks to rehabilitation.

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