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“Laurent Roquier, you marked the times,” says Leah Salameh

“Laurent Roquier, you marked the times,” says Leah Salameh

after, after sixteen seasons spent in The second part of the eveningOn Saturday, in France 2, Laurent Roquier left after a final release of We are aliveAnd the Co-hosted with Leah Salama. The latter must Resumption of the fund from the beginning of the school year.

A few minutes after the end of the show, Laurent Rocker The first to want to thank viewers : “Thank Ali Honesty all these years. I will find you, and I hope you will be present, in France 2, at the beginning of the school year, among others in TV kids and others Other projects We’re working on “and we have a quick note to the co-presenter:” Next season, you’ll be able to follow the show with Leah Salama, which I wish her good luck. “

at the host To answer him: “I would say, in the name of millions of French, this You celebrated Saturday evenings for the French and you celebrated the afternoon. They own a lot TV Momentsand social debates with you. you have Top Hundreds of Artists who were not known (…) and gave them a chance.” She also wanted to send him a personal message:I always enjoy working with you. on me We are alive and others We are not in bedIt was a real pleasure. we will miss you. “

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