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Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Farewell to Boruc.  Legia – Celtic ticket sales open

Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Farewell to Boruc. Legia – Celtic ticket sales open

Club message:

There are events that only happen once. There are moments that stay with us forever. Finally, there are people who made history with letters of gold. This is the situation Artura Boruca. The legend of the king, but most of all – the Legionnaire. As he repeats himself: his heart always beat for Lygia. He showed his love for the club for many years. It was Boruc who delighted thousands of Legia fans with his excellent field behavior. Beloved in the fan community and always dedicated to Team Warsaw, today they invite you to the King’s Gala, an event dedicated to him, the King! It will not be an ordinary match.. it is a special occasion for the whole club. This is a moment every soldier should live in. This is a special royal day. Almost two years ago, history ended. On July 20, we want to do everything we can to write a new one. Because as Boruc himself said: “I just say hello!”

587 – King Arthur plays many official matches. During this time, he managed to win the Polish Championship twice, the Scottish Championship three times, the Scottish League Cup twice, and the Scottish Cup. In the 2014/15 season, with his then-team – Bournemouth – he also won promotion to the Premier League, the highest league in England. He also entered the history of Polish national football. The legendary goalkeeper played 65 matches for the Polish national team. No other goalkeeper has played more games with an eagle on his chest so far.

He started his career in Pogoń Siedlce. Until then, he was a young and very insightful goalkeeper. At that time the current goalkeeper coach in Legia was aware of his potential, Krzysztof Dohan. – Artur joined Legia because he had a talent. It was immediately obvious that this was a very strong character and personality. I immediately felt that he would be able to handle every match, and would not be afraid of responsibility for the outcome.

Boruc from Pogoń Siedlce came to Legia in an armchair placed on the back of a beetle. But over the years, the armchair turned into a throne, and King Arthur became a symbol of the Warsaw team. However, beginnings in Warsaw were not easy for the young goalkeeper. Boruc was loaned to Dolcan Ząbka, and had to wait two years for his debut in Legia. However, as he himself repeats: “Life teaches us to bend our foreheads sometimes and humbly wait for our opportunity.” He was ready for a moment, and it happened in a league competition against Pogoń Szczecin. then change Radostina Staneva Since then it has become a staple in the military goalkeeper. The talent and skills of the goalkeeper were quickly noticed by the Celtic hosts.

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He found his way to Celtic and gained the sympathy of the fans very quickly. However, there is nothing surprising in this, because the goalkeeper from the very beginning gave a very high level. Just look at the stats. For example – in the 2007/2008 season, in the league competition, the legendary goalkeeper kept as many as 15 clean sheets in the 30 matches he played. For many years of playing for the Scottish team, he played nearly 200 matches, keeping 77 clean sheets. In Scotland, he became a legend. The players appreciated his talent, as did the subsequent coaches who led Boruc.

I think Arthur could have been the best goalkeeper in the world – said the former Celtic and Scottish national team coach, Gordon Strachan. – Fans loved him, he’s a Celtic legend to this day. He is one of the best goalkeepers in recent years. At the time, he was one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. Celtic saved a lot of games. When the team did not play well, Boruc would defend three or four hundred percent of the opponent’s positions, then Celtic scored a random goal and won 1-0. There were many such matches. If he had then left for one of the biggest clubs in Europe, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone In an interview with TVP Sport, the former Celtic footballer said, Kylian Sheridan.

Celtic is one of the most successful teams in Europe. Last season, boys They won the 52nd National Championship. Despite the club’s rich history, fans and fans did not forget about Boruc. To this day, songs dedicated to the legendary Legion can be heard on the streets of Glasgow.

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At the beginning of August 2020, Boruc returned to Legia. And so he kept his promise and returned to the club he always had in his heart. Golkiper wanted to play with Legia in Europe and fulfilled his dream. Not only that, he contributed to this success by providing excellent form at competitions, for example, GNK Dinamo or Slavia Praga. He also won his second Polish Championship, after a 19-year hiatus. His love for Ligia did not end and never will. – Artur is a great star and one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. They are distinguished by physical conditions, excellent motor skills and above all great resistance to stress This is how coach Dohan Boroka described.

We all would like the stadium to fill up to the last place of the day (20.07). The match with Celtic will be unique, and the only chance to say goodbye to one of us – the Legionnaire. As the name suggests – King’s Party, it is not only King Arthur’s last farewell moment but also a joint pleasure for the Legion. Make the ambiance of this event felt throughout the city, not just in the stands of our stadium. A unique and exceptional holiday awaits us. Be a part of it and create an atmosphere. Two European brands associated with Boruc will meet on the field that day, so a football feast is for sure!

We invite all interested parties, not just those who belong to the Legia community on a daily basis. Farewell to King Arthur, the last survey before the new season, a famous opponent with a recognized brand on the map of football in Europe. Celtic will play Blackburn Rovers three days before the game against Legia, and three days later against Norwich City. But the match with Legia will be special. You just have to be with us that day!

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