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Letters between Trump and Oprah in a new book

Letters between Trump and Oprah in a new book

So far, Donald Trump has not published his memoir of his time in the White House — but instead, “Letters to Trump,” will be released next month, the news site writes. Axios.

In the book, the former president has collected 150 private letters to, among others, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, former US presidents like Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — and host Oprah Winfrey.

The message was sent to the queen of American talk shows during the period when Donald Trump was considering running for the Reform Party, which was founded by businessman and politician Ross Perot.

He wrote to Winfrey: “Sad we don’t run together. What a team!”

And according to Oprah Winfrey, the flattery from Trump made her “a little cry” — but the hilarious message didn’t seem to have the desired effect.

“After I announced my candidacy for the presidency – for the Republican Party in 2015 – you never spoke to me again,” the former US president wrote in the book.

In 2021, the photo book Our Journey Together was published, depicting Trump’s tenure in the White House in over 300 photos with captions written by the former president.

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