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Lovisa Herold: Nobody wants to say ‘what did you say’ when hundreds of people died مات

Lovisa Herold: Nobody wants to say ‘what did you say’ when hundreds of people died مات

Remember the promotional video that Scott Morrison released last year? Amidst the bushfires raging in Australia, the country’s prime minister has chosen to release a video explaining how much money the government has invested in the rescue effort. At the end of the clip, which is accompanied by uptempo music, the prime minister himself is seen walking through the area ravaged by fire.

Criticism of the Prime Minister who was considered to be exploiting the disaster to capture political points Don’t be generous.

You might also remember Slip Annalena Burbock Scott Morrison. The German Green Party’s Green Party candidate for the environment has been down in recent days, when floods following Storm Bernd claimed 130 lives in Germany. Perhaps the party whose main problem is preventing climate change should take a step forward when severe weather takes its toll on people’s lives, their homes and their homes.

or not. Nobody wants to say “what did you say” when hundreds of people died.

When Annalena Barbock lamented the disaster on Twitter on Thursday, she didn’t mention the climate issue at all. Instead, it promised “quick, non-bureaucratic assistance” to those affected.

Instead, it was Armin Laschet, the federal chancellor’s candidate for the CDU and its sister party CSU, who spoke out on the climate issue in a statement Thursday.

– He said we must increase the pace of climate action.

Few could accuse Armin Laschet, who has long maintained that climate change should not harm the industrialized country of Germany, to say “what did you say”. Instead, he is criticized for now taking the climate issue seriously.

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However, during the current catastrophe, it is easy for Armin Laschet to do the right thing on Annalena Barbuk. The country is governed by the Laschets CDU – at the federal level and in the most affected state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the said state, Armin Laschet happens to be the head of government.

The affected population expects their government to act. When Armin Laschet promised to support crisis regions at a press conference in Dusseldorf on Friday, he was at home. Here the prime minister was speaking to the people of his state – not the federal chancellor’s particular candidate on the September election.

Olaf Schultz, the SPD candidate for federal chancellor, could benefit from the fact that fellow populist Mallow Dreyer rules the neighboring state of Rhineland-Palatinate, which has been hard hit by the disaster. As Finance Minister, he was quick to promise financial support for those affected.

Too early to answer On the ludicrous question of which political parties will win the catastrophe happening now, just over two months before the federal election. In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison remains in office, despite the scandal that occurred during the bushfires.

In Germany, politicians are learning to try to learn from a more local example. The battle between Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) and Edmund Stoeber (CSU) candidates before the 2002 elections is believed to have been decided during the flood disaster on the Elbe River in the same year.

One of them – Gerhard Schroeder – put on his rubber boots and shook hands with the locals. The other – Edmund Stoeber – stood in a polo shirt and suit pants and looked lost.

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“Driving in Rubber Boots,” summarized lead writer Gerhard Schroeder’s contribution during the ongoing disaster, According to Die Welt newspaper.

It remains to be seen which of the chancellor’s candidates will succeed in emerging as a convincing leader this time around. With or without rubber boots.

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