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Lukas Weißhaidinger on a medal course «

Lukas Weißhaidinger in the discus final at the Olympics. Only with the last trash did he get involved in the medal decision and he’s currently on top.

1:38 PM, July 30, 2021


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Lukas Weißhaidinger points towards the end. © GEPA Images

It might not work without excitement Lukas Weisshaidinger: the world cup discus throw– The third is installed on Friday Olympia in a like After only two invalid attempts in the last with 64.77 million fifth overall but sovereign participation in the finals. He immediately performed a small dance. “That’s what I thought I could do in the morning,” said the supreme Austrian. “In the final I have to attack completely. The best six invalids from 64 AD.” It rises on Saturday at 1:15pm CEST.

Technically he did not fit in the first two attempts, as he described in an interview with the APA – Austrian News Agency. “The circuit is very fast and very slippery. I climbed in the second stupidly and slipped. The ring does not forgive any mistakes on my part. “It’s a bit different with lever ejectors, they can fully climb,” said the velocity ejector. He will analyze the third throw of the final, when he still has about ten centimeters of air in the ring. “I have to go to the limit, otherwise I won’t have a chance at the front.”

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He’s not the only one who feels this way about qualifying, qualification frustrates everyone, it’s just a matter of qualification. “Daniel did a great job with the former, of course, the favorite.” 66m was necessary for immediate advance, only after Weißhaidinger’s overall position for the second qualifying group was determined. He ranked fifth in the overall standings group b It was just Slovenian Christian Sieh Later is better than him. The last field of the top twelve leads the favorite Daniel Stahl From Sweden (66.12 m), ahead of the Lithuanians Andrios Godzius (65,94) a.

Weißhaidinger: “I exist, no matter how”

“I continued, no matter how. Shows strong tension doing this last time. Before the first I was nervous, I’m sure there wouldn’t be anyone else. With the second I wanted to squeeze it in, his third pants were so comfortable, I put them on.” Absolutely, it was technically good, and I have to build on that,” Weisshaidinger knows what he has to do. The stress is over now, it’s going to be a relaxing evening, with card games and bonuses. The wrist should not suffer from slipping.

At Weißhaidinger, qualifying in the last two big events was a great match as well. 2018 in EM in Berlin And in 2019 in the World Cup in Doha If he did not reach the required distance for direct ascent, and had to wait for the result of the second set in unfavorable positions. In the end, he did once in the eleventh and once in the twelfth. And I got the bronze medal every time. This time the challenge was to turn things around on the last try.

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The medal is also the big goal in his second final at the Olympics. “The duty has been fulfilled, and now the freestyle comes. With 64 I have proven that I can do it on my nerves. But tomorrow evening, of course, a complete attack.” At the Games in Rio his length was 63 m, 64 m, so the situation was different. Sixth place was considered excellent at the time. “But if you get to 69, it will be a little different.”

Conditions were difficult with high humidity in the Olympic Stadium, and the reported rains did not materialize. “I’m totally soaked. But I’m glad I had the cooling jacket, it helped me a lot. I also picked up magnesium, it locks moisture to the skin. In terms of approach, we definitely did everything right.” The schedule for the last day was also set: he would go to bed late on Friday, get up late on Saturday and eat his porridge from home. After lunch in the afternoon it’s nice and slow to pitch.