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Łukasz Piszczek’s health problems.  He had to have surgery

Łukasz Piszczek’s health problems. He had to have surgery

A few months ago, ukasz Piszczek was one step closer to working with her Polish representation. He even had a word with Adam Nowak, who was about to take the job coach after Souza. In the end, Czeslav Micniewicz was not his employee. The theme of “Piszcza” fell into the frame. “I knew Nawaka’s coach, I knew his style of work, I understood him. And I knew what my role would be in his team. Hence the desire to join this project” – said the former Kadrowicz In an interview with Interia.

The former Borussia Dortmund player focused on him Preparation for the UEFA B+A Tournament.As well as during the recovery period. It happened to him Health problems. There are new details about the athlete’s health.

Piszczek, Peszko, and Mila traveled to England. PZPN sent football players for training

Currently Piszczek He is a player in the third league of LKS Goczałkowice Zdrój. However, he had to take a break from the game for several months. all because of Serious injury. “The intense rehab he underwent during the winter helped him, but it wasn’t enough to get him back to full weight training. The pain was recurrent and more treatments were needed– Report of “Sport” journalists from Katowice.

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It turns out a football player I had to have ankle surgery. The operation was performed in a clinic in Dortenduda, where he used the services of “Piszczu” in Germany when he was playing. “It could mean that he really wants to get back on the field and help his club next season. Status newIt is therefore difficult to judge when Mr. Łukasz will return to the game, but it is certain that – after 12 players are gone – he will not be able to handle everything” – we read.

His team has already started preparations for the new season. The first match will be on July 16.

Michniewicz called Piszczek. “I already have a plan, thank you.”