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The driver jumped out of the burning car.  It could have ended tragically.  F1

The driver jumped out of the burning car. It could have ended tragically. F1

On lap 58, the Spaniard’s red car caught fire. Sainz was still able to steer the car off the track, but the smoke and flames kept increasing. The leading driver frantically said: “No! No! No!”

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It was completely insane. As Sainz was trying to get out of the burning car, his car suddenly began to roll backwards on the ramp. The flames continued to rise. The Ferrari driver managed to contain the situation with the help of a flight attendant who rushed to the scene and freed himself from the car.

– I wasn’t afraid of fire. I calculated the time it took to get out of the car. “I didn’t want the car back on the track,” said Sainz. A bold decision – but one that could have prevented more damage and chaos.

The Spaniard remained unharmed, but sad. On TV, he can be seen sitting by the track with his head bowed and wearing a full suit and helmet. These will be invaluable points for Sens.

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But how dangerous is the fire for him? Racing suits are fire retardant, made of a material called Nomex. They must withstand a temperature of over 800 degrees for about 30 seconds. He had more time.

His Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc won the entire race in front of world champion Max Verstappen.


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