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M jak miłość, odcinek 1605: Dawid umrze? Ostatnie pożegnanie z Basią. Wyzna jej co naprawdę czuje!

M jak miłość, Chapter 1605: Will David die? One last farewell to Pasia. He will tell her what he really feels!

Author: MTL Maxfilm
M jak miłość, Chapter 1605: Will David die? One last farewell to Pasia. He will tell her what he really feels!

In the 1605 episode “M Jack Mino” a real play will take place! Will David (Iwo Wiciński) die? The disease will begin to settle in his young body, and he will fight every minute. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In the 1605 episode “M Jack Minos”, the young Jazzuski will be in a hospital bed connected to the machine at any moment, deciding on the fate of his relationship with Pasia (Karina Voniak). There will be a final goodbye to the scary teens! Rogovska will get a real blow and will not accept the razor-sharp words of the finished young man. The boy will realize that he will be defeated by the disease, but Pasia will not give up. Will David thank her and survive?

“M jak miłość” Section 1605 – Monday, 10/11/2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

In episode 1605 “M Jack Mino”, David will be in the care of specialists at the hospital. He ignored the symptoms of acute illness for a long time and decided that dizziness, abrasions and bleeding from the nose were “nothing”. Arthur (Robert Moscow) was the first to discover the boy, and it is already known that he suspects the worst. In the 1605 episode of “M Jack Mino”, David has less and less strength, and for Pasia’s company. He will not accept the fact that he feels weak and vulnerable, and he has always been the master and ruler of the situation. Young Rogovska will not give up the thought that she may lose her love, but David will hit her hard and start to say goodbye to her! The young couple’s last farewell will have a huge impact on everyone, and the young man will be indebted to the woman. He would have made a very unusual request to her …

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In the 1605 episode of “M Jack Mino”, Basia David realizes that their meetings are over and gives up the fight. The boy has always been fascinated by photography, and it is on this topic that he makes his last choice.

– This camera is the most precious thing I have. Will you take care of him? – David asks, apparently deciding what issues are most important to him. “But you’ll be home soon!” Young Rogowska panics in the 1605 episode “M jak miłość”, but these are not strong words. Frightened Pasia realizes that the boy is finally saying goodbye to her!

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– Passover, listen, if … If something happens, you need to know that you are the most important person to me … – Jazzewski adds 1605 episode “M Jack Mino”, which will surprise the girl. She cannot protest, fight or force the boy to change his mind because the nurse will interrupt. In the 1605 episode “M jak miłość” it is clear that David is dropping out, but Pasia will not stand idly by. He will still fight for the boy because he will not allow himself to sit idly by and watch him die. Will she save him? The tough struggle for health and life is ahead of David.

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M is like love. Will the sick David undergo a complete transformation? Even Pasia would no longer recognize him