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Mackiez Schuhr and Katarzyna Pashezevska-Schuhr on Refugees: Jesus Comes

Mackiez Schuhr and Katarzyna Pashezevska-Schuhr on Refugees: Jesus Comes

On the Polish-Belarusian border, on the Belarusian side, at the Usnarz Korni, a group of immigrants has been wandering for days. These people are not allowed inside Poland, the border is guarded by border guards and soldiers. Immigrants on the Belarusian side do not want to return to Belarus. The group currently has 24 members, according to the Border Guard on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Passak, said there would be more this week Construction of the fence will begin On the Polish-Belarusian border.

Mackiez Schuhr and Katarzyna Pashezevska-Schuhr on Refugees: Jesus Comes

In June of last year, the Messiah Stuhr Chechen announced his commitment to help families. One of them lived and was booked into a house in the village of Strow.

For this reason, the leader insisted “Facts after facts” project Sturgeon has a “special mandate” to talk about the situation of refugees in Afghanistan on the Poland-Belarusian border.

– I do not understand it from a human point of view, but for legal reasons. Before Medina lived with us, I did all the procedures with her. Anyone standing on the border of the Republic of Poland and telling an official that they want to apply for asylum has the right of admission. “I do not understand such a practice,” said Passevska-Stuher in tears.

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As you can see, it’s hard to talk about it. The latter events are another violation. It is so scary, as you can see, tears come to our eyes. We live in a world that does not know what the law is – commented the actor. – We have seen Chechen children grow up and take root in our country and learn the Polish language – he recalled.

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Stuhr stressed the dramatic situation of refugees moving across the border.

It is important for every person we try to see a person, why someone leaves their belongings, loved ones, albums with photos from their adolescence, their parents’ graves and goes to an unknown place, or in fact it is known enough. All refugees know that Poland is not a country that welcomes them here with both hands – Błażejewska -Stuhr pointed out.

– I have the impression that in these last days this governing body is compromising itself in the Catholic sublime world. Dances with Mr. Rydzik turn into some kind of cheap puppet show. If Jesus comes to us and says, “I will check,” we are defending the “holy place” against the Lord Jesus – which is what Prime Minister Moraviki Sturr said.