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Conference League.  KAA Gent - Rako Cestochova.  Match results of the last qualifying round

Conference League. KAA Gent – Rako Cestochova. Match results of the last qualifying round

For the second match against KAA Gent in the League of European Conferences, Rakov Sostochova’s players started with a goal advantage. Both teams came down to the field with a very fighting attitude. Residents of Częstochowa fought for their first promotion to the European Cups. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in this art.

Crayfish bore almost the entire first half

Rako Chestochova gave the match a very good start. In the second minute, Marek Bobson’s players could take the lead. Unfortunately, the Gent goalkeeper got up for the occasion and kicked the ball into the goal car. The goalkeeper of the Polish team also deserves a special. Kovasevic saved only one act and made some major interventions, which saved the Kostochovs from losing a goal. Despite the goalkeeper’s excellent attitude, Rakov could not avoid conceding a goal. In extra time of the first half, Tariq Thisa oud hit the net of Tali Babshun’s players from close range.

Gent left no illusions

At the start of the second half, Rako couldn’t say much. Babshun’s players were pushed to the defense. The Polish team had a hard time being on the ball, so they had to focus on effective defense and counter-attack efforts. Unfortunately, Gent got his way. In the 70th minute Vadis Odjitza Offo showed a superb shot, he lost one of the defenders and put the ball into the net. Rako had 20 minutes of confidence and it was suppressed two minutes later. Another shot from a distance ended 3: 0. The author of Nuclear Success was Julian de Chart.

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The 3-0 goal practically destroyed Rago’s chances for a positive result. Within 15 minutes, Rako’s players were unable to start the fight. The end of the game did not change, ending with a tie 3: 1.

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